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Laras L3gend813
23-04-05, 16:29
I just have one quick question that is making me feel like such a ditz. Is PSM the same as Playsation Magazine? Ive always been confused about that. Becuase I would like to buy a copy of this months for the new Lara pics.

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23-04-05, 16:35
Yes, I think it is, laras L3gend... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

23-04-05, 16:36
PSM stands for Playstation magazine. I think it is the american equivelent of PSM2 UK magazine. It is not the official mag of PS2.

This question really doesn't belong in this forum to I have sent it to General chat. But I hope I have answered it for you.


Laras L3gend813
23-04-05, 16:37
Thank-you, It's just I was at Mediaplay the otherday and I was searching everywhere for PSM but a Playstaion Mag. was right in front of me...but I didn't buy it...