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Hey everyone! I have been writting this story for about 2 years? Some of it is still wrong though but I thought I would give everyone a look...I may change it and send it to Eidos and see what they thing http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/clown.gif But for now this is for the fans! ( TR: The Nephilium Secret 2 is coming soon..1 was for a school story...2 is aswell)

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Chapter 1: Finding Kurtis Alive

As Lara walked off into the darkness where Kurtis once lay after being impaled by Boaz, she griped Kurtis’s blade after finding it in a pool of blood. Lara saw someone slumped up against the wall. It was Kurtis!
Lara heard him yell, ‘Lara? Hey look at me, I shouldn’t be so stubborn! Boaz got the best of me!’
‘Looks like you also got the best of Boaz,’ laughed Lara.
‘I’m glad about that! Now get over here and help me,’ Kurtis said in pain.
‘Here, this should stop the bleeding,’ Lara replied and pulled out a medi-pack from her backpack.
‘Thanks’ Kurtis whispered to Lara.
‘Now let’s get out of this place!’ Lara slightly yelled.
‘Yeah okay. Help me up will you?’ Kurtis quickly said.
‘Kurtis we need to go to Turkey. I found out from back in the Bio Research Facility that the Nephali are there’ Lara explained.
‘I found out from a truck driver in the Sanitarium that he drove a thing named ‘The Sleeper’. Some Nephali?’ Kurtis told her.
‘That thing is long gone! I destroyed that Sleeper,’ Lara confirmed.
‘Boaz locked the truck driver in with the Proto-Nephilen. I’ll explain on the way to Turkey,’
‘Yeah, you do that,’ Lara said while they started walking off.

Chapter 2: The Rush To Turkey

As Lara and Kurtis rushed to the Cleaner’s Jeep, after Lara cleaned out the Cleaner, she stole his Jeep.
Kurtis explained to Lara about the Proto as they drove off, ‘Lara would have loved to take on the Proto!’
‘So what is this Proto-Nephilen again?’ Lara asked him.
‘Some mutant-dog thing,’ He told Lara.
‘Man, Boaz really crossed the line back there! Eckhart really lost his temper! First she was a Scientist, now…well was…. a mutant’ Lara went on.
‘A dead one at that!’ Kurtis s******ed. They both laughed.
‘You certainly know who I am don’t you?’ Lara asked smartly.
‘Why wouldn’t I? You were all over the TV after…Egypt,’ Kurtis said dangerously.
‘I know. I made headlines around the globe!’ Lara said calmly.
‘Lara!!! You never talk about Egypt!!’ Kurtis yelled in surprise.
‘Hey! I survived so…. why not talk about it? I nearly died, but I survived!’ Lara said not calm anymore.
‘Still, I mean, yeah you nearly died!’ replied Kurtis.
‘Let’s just drop this subject!’ Lara said with little rage.
‘Ok!’ Kurtis agreed.
‘We need to wipe out these Nephali,’ Lara said. Kurtis agreed.

Chapter 3: Turkey Expedition

1 Week Later In Turkey

‘You ready?’ Lara questioned Kurtis.
‘Sure am!’ He answered with excitement.
‘Let’s go then!’ Yelled Lara.
As Lara entered the tomb, Kurtis followed. Lara’s holstered Vector-R35’s swayed as she walked. Kurtis’s self-made Boran-X swayed too on the side of his chest. They finally reached the real start of the underground tomb.
‘I’ve got a bad feeling about this tomb,’ Lara said cautiously.
‘There’s something not quite right about it,’ Kurtis said looking around.
They both walked into the tomb, all of a sudden zombie-type figures flooded into the tomb!
Lara swiped out her Vector’s; Kurtis ripped off his telepathic blade and yelled over the noise, ‘They must be Nephali!’
‘Who cares what they are? Get rid of them!!’ Lara yelled back with rage while shooting most Nephali down.
Kurtis was slicing most the Nephali’s heads off.
‘That should be the entrance to the next room over there!’ Lara yelled to Kurtis.
‘Let’s go then!’ Kurtis replied while running to the door. Lara holstered her Vectors and Kurtis reattached his Blade back to his belt.

Chapter 4: Return Of Karel The Nephali

Lara and Kurtis approached the new room. A man in the middle of the room in ripped clothes had a gold glove that had been a little bit damaged; he swiftly turned around to see who was approaching.
Lara recognised him with horror and yelled, ‘Karel!! What the?’
‘You!!’ Karel yelled with deep anger.
‘What are you doing alive? And what are you doing here?’ Lara spat with anger.
‘You put those Nephali on us didn’t you?’ Kurtis said.

‘Great guess, right you are…. Kurtis! Lara…. yes I’m here to recreate the Nephali race as I am a Nephali too!’ Karel spoke.
‘Wrong move buddy!’ Lara said, than pulled out a Vector very quickly and shot him in the arm!
‘Ohhh!!!!’ Karel cried.
‘I thought you were immortal…. Sorry!’ Lara s******ed sarcastically.
‘I was once, but now, not after…. you blew up the Sleeper. The beam reflected and me in my stomach’ Karel said.
‘Lovely job I did on him eh Kurtis?’ Lara said proudly.
‘Gotta love it!’ Kurtis said happily.
‘Curse you Croft…and you…Kurtis! Do something about your attitudes you lot!’ Karel went on.
‘Don’t plan to!’ Kurtis said seriously, and drew his Boran-X and shot Karel in the head!
‘Nice job Kurtis! Unexpected, but….Nice!’ Lara said surprised.
‘Hey Lara, get that glove!’ Kurtis said.
‘It should have been destroyed in the blast!’ Lara replied in confusion.
‘Just get the glove!’ Kurtis snapped.
‘Okay!’ Lara snapped back at him and grabbed the glove.

Chapter 5: The Glove Of Power

‘It must be that powerful not to be destroyed’ Lara said.
‘Your right’ Kurtis agreed.
‘Do we really need it?’ Lara questioned.
‘We’ll just keep it in case,’ Kurtis replied.
They both started to walk. They reached the next room that wasn’t really a room. It was a City! Lara was amazed, so was Kurtis. They both walked into the city that was most likely an ancient city of the mutant Nephali.
‘So maybe Nephali are not extinct? Maybe….no one knew about this? Not even Eckhart and his henchman. But Karel definitely knew!’ Lara said very confused.
‘That maybe the case here,’ Kurtis said.
‘Let’s go check this city out,’ Lara said.
Kurtis and Lara walked out into the openness of the city. Lara drawed a Vector just in case. Kurtis stopped. He preformed his Farsee ability to see if anything or anybody was lurking around. As he was returning to his normal vision his Farsee was coming for him. When it returned, it knocked him off his balance.
‘What were you doing?’ Lara asked.
‘That’s my Farsee ability. It can go, my vision I mean, go places my normal vision can’t go,’ Kurtis explained.
‘Cool! Let’s go!’ Lara complimented.
As she walked further out more she heard, ‘Hrrrr!!!’ she spun around and decapitated the Nephali with one Vector.
‘Lame mutated freaks!’ Lara yelled.
‘Nice!’ Kurtis laughed.
‘Time to explore!’ Lara nudged Kurtis.

Chapter 6: The Lost Nephali City

As they walked around the Ancient Nephali City, Lara said to Kurtis, ‘This glove must be the key to something in this city?’
‘Could be?’ Kurtis said.
‘Get out of the way Kurtis!!’ yelled Lara in fear, and pulled both Vectors out of the holsters and shot at the Nephali rapidly! Blowing both arms off the Nephali.
‘Thanks,’ Kurtis congratulated Lara while getting up off the dusty ground.
‘No probs!’ Lara smiled, and holstered her guns. They walked until they reached a door with a glove-shaped key hole.
‘This must be the end of the city,’ Kurtis smartly said.
‘Kurtis, the ‘Mr Smarty’ you are, anyone could have figured that out!’ laughed Lara. Kurtis laughed too, then said, ‘Thank you.’
Lara inserted the glove in the slot, the door opened. They walked in; it was an arena like the one in Paris. Something behind them made a noise. A Nephali had the glove and ran off in front of them. They both started shooting at it. All of a sudden the stone-cold arena started to shake. Nephali poured into the arena.

Chapter 7: Attack Of The Nephali

‘Lara let me give you a telepathic boost to that ledge!!’ Kurtis yelled.
Before he did Lara performed a Matrix- styled jump that made her fly through the air sidewards. Shooting at the mutants, blowing arms, legs and heads off. On the other hand, Kurtis was decapitating Nephali with his blade.
‘Let’s go Kurtis!’ Lara yelled over the noise. Kurtis returned his blade and boosted her to the ledge.
‘WHAT ABOUT YOU?’ Lara screamed.
‘WATCH!’ Kurtis screamed back.
He slid he’s Boran-X out and shot at the huge column, it fell and he sprinted up it, jumped and gripped the edge. He was successful! Lara was shooting at Nephali when she noticed Kurtis. ‘Wow! Nice job!’ Lara said proud of Kurtis.
‘I think so myself!’ Kurtis showed off.
‘Help me take out these freaks will you?’ Lara asked nicely.
One by one Nephali fell.
‘There’s too many!’ Kurtis unhappily said.
‘Hey look up there!’ Lara pointed out.
‘Away out!’ Kurtis added.
They climb the rock wall and were just about to exit when Kurtis remembered, ‘Wait! We need the glove!’
Just then a Nephali aimed a knife at them; it also held the Glove of Power. It threw the knife, and to their surprise the knife hit another Nephali in the back and the glove went up through the hole above Lara and Kurtis!
‘What a dumbbum!’ Lara laughed along with Kurtis.
They both climbed through the hole in the wall. The Nephali remained in the rocky and dusty arena.

Chapter 8: Hole To Hell…..?

Kurtis was first into the wall. When Lara climbed through. Kurtis handed the glove to her. She looked around the room; it had lava beside the uneven path and acid running from the walls. Lara thew the glove into the lava. Kurtis looked like he just saw a ghost!
‘LARA!! What are you doing?’ Kurtis screamed.
‘No more! I’m certainly not wasting more time in this hole to hell!’ Lara yelled at Kurtis.
‘How do you know this path will lead to more danger?’ Kurtis yelled back more angry then before.
‘Look behind you….’Lara quietly said, stepping back and drawing both Vectors slowly.
Kurtis turned around swiftly and gripped his blade.
‘What the hell are those things?’ Kurtis yelled.
‘These must be some of the new Nephali that Karel was recreating!’ Lara cried.
She then shot them, they were different looking. They had longer claws and were more sinister looking. Lara’s shots were less effective than on normal Nephali, but did kill them.
‘Hey what are these? Their…..Shards?’ Lara recognised.
‘Shards?’ Kurtis went blank.
Lara picked two up. Kurtis killed another two with his Boran-X, he also picked two up.
‘These may come in use!’ Lara yelled back. She walked off.
‘Wait for me!!’ Kurtis yelled following Lara.

Chapter 9: The Nephali Secret

‘Finally caught up hey?’ Lara laughed at Kurtis.
Just then they came to a dead end, surprisingly to Kurtis, Lara kicked down the old-cracked wall. There was so much dust it made them cough. Lara and Kurtis walked into the room, it was full of ancient scripture.
‘Time to read like crazy!’ Lara said.
They walked in different directions. Lara read something saying, ‘It lives on forever after being resurrected.’
Kurtis read, ‘Its super power will destroy anything. Four Shards will destroy the life of The Super Nephali.’
‘That explains a lot!’ Kurtis told.
‘You found what this writing going on about?’ Lara questioned with hope.
‘The thing we feared….The Super Nephali!’ Kurtis explained very worried.
‘What…What are you on about?’ Lara cried.
‘One Nephali with power so strong, so evil the Earth beneath it will crumble! Only the four Shards we collected will kill it!’ Kurtis worried more than ever!
‘Well, I’m not standing around waiting for the Earth to crumble around me again!’ Lara jerked.
‘Let’s not go there Lara,’ Kurtis pleaded.
‘I know. Let’s go get the mother of all Nephali!’ Lara yelled with a mean smile on her face.
‘Let’s send this guy back to the dead!’ Kurtis snapped.
He kicked the scripture wall down and Lara front-flipped down to the lower ground. Kurtis jumped down walking next to her. They walked more on to the arena where all the remaining Nephali once were. They were completely gone, except the dead ones.

Chapter 10: Bring On The Nephali Secret

Lara and Kurtis heard the roof crack. They looked up, and then they saw it crumble. Something flew down; the ground began to crumble around it.
‘It’s the Super Nephali!!’ Kurtis cried.
He swiped out his Boran-X and shot it ten times, hurting it.
‘Hrrrarrrrr!!!’ it screamed.
‘Get it Lara! Now!’ Kurtis signalled. Lara threw a Shard at the Super Nephali; it impaled it in the head.
‘Good job!’ Kurtis complimented Lara.
‘Arrrharrr!!’ it cried.
It then threw Lara and Kurtis back against the wall hard.
‘Rrrrrr!’ Lara screamed at the Super Nephali and ran over and kicked it in the face.
She then shot it five times in the chest. ‘Owww!’ Kurtis flinched.
‘Take this! You mutant freak!’ Lara snapped at it.
She stabbed the Nephali in the stomach. It screamed again and unleased a barrier throwing Lara at Kurtis. Kurtis caught Lara and put her down.
‘Time for me to kill you!’ Kurtis told it.
He had a harder time. It launched deadly beams that came close to hitting him. He managed to get around them and shot the Super Nephali till it was weak. Then impaled it in the bottom of its throat. The Super Nephali filled with so much rage it just about killed Kurtis.
‘You!!’ Lara cried.
She took Kurtis’s Shard and without weakening it impaled it right in the middle of the chest, it went crazy! It tried to kill her, but failed. Lara was just about to shoot it when a blade flew past and chopped its head off!
‘Kurtis! I thought you were knocked out?’ Lara asked.
‘Was. I actually wasn’t that bad,’ Kurtis explained.
‘So much for immortal!’ Lara joked.
‘Let’s make this place blow sky high and destroy those losers Nephali,’ Kurtis said.
‘Here we go!’ Lara replied setting up the C4 explosives.
‘We’ve got ten minutes let’s go! Now!’ Kurtis yelled.
They both sprinted for the rocky wall and started to climb for the ledge. When they climbed to the ledge, they shot at the wall till it crumbled; they were outside again on an old volcano. They bolted to the Jeep and jumped in and took off. A few seconds later it blew up. The force of the explosion was so hard it jerked the Jeep forward, but they escaped and drove off.

Chapter 11: Home Sweet Home

1 Week Later After Turkey

Lara and Kurtis returned home after destroying the Nephali and their not so little, but big secret. Kurtis returned to Utah, but moved into the Croft Manor in England for awhile. Lara was eating baked-beans on toast one morning that her butler Winston made for her.
‘Thank you Winston. Very nice!’ Lara congratulated him when Kurtis ran downstairs and into the room. ‘Hello Winston!’ Kurtis said.
‘Hello Kurtis. You’re energetic this morning! Your coffee is ready’ he replied.
‘Thanks,’ Kurtis said.
‘Lara, I just received a report from Paris….I get the feeling the Nephilim aren’t gone…. ’ Kurtis explained.

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I don't know... lots of dialogue there. I'm sure it's good, if you are a Kurtis fan that is.

24-04-05, 08:22
What do you mean?

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Uh, I can't really explain the talking part. What I mean is that they say alot and you describe what they do, but nothing else. The surroundings, their faces, you know. It could as well have been a script done for a play.

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I think its good Kurtis, well done http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

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I like it http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

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It's fun to read, especially the fight parts :D
One detail though, it's "Nephilim", not "Nephali" http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

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I know lol! This story is not really all right, I was just showing you guys and getting opinions. Too much talk, I hated that when I was writting it...but it had to be done so you know whats going on;) The second will have hardly ANY talk http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif So you guys like it? I'll finsh it and put it on my website and see what Eidos think, if they read it lol!

Laras L3gend813
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Very good Kurtis, a little too much dialoge, plus you could have made it longer, with actions and movments. Very nice http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

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Yeah I probably will write on now since everyone seems cool about it! It will have more of a... Angel of Darkness follow on now...Von Croy's funeral maybe be at the end of Chapter 1 or after they beat the Super Nephilim! And other stuff, like I said it needed the dialogue so it would inform you;) This is what that book that Eidos/Core wrote,lol! I'm gonna imagin that anyway XD