View Full Version : Summer Song 2005

24-04-05, 09:14
Each year when i go out clubbing and stuff i always find one particular song that i love. I then make it my initial mission to get up and dance crazily when i hear the song. Which i do like i worship a god.

Last year the song was Pink ft Redman - Sweet Dreams

This year it was close, it was out of Gwen Steffani's - Hollerback Girl which i heard at a nightclub called Heaven in London.....or Studio B - I see girls.

In the end i chose Studio B its very summery and better to dance to for me. So looks like i am going to get scared looks when i suddenly get up and dance in a pub or something this year. A bit like last night when it came on, LMAO>

So this year, SpArKy is enforcing this mission to you. :D

Also what is your fav summer this year to get you in the mood?

24-04-05, 10:44
What do you think about Ciara - 1 2 Step (Manny Faces Remix)? I love it! :cool: