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26-02-05, 01:31
Here's the story: As many of you know, there are many gangs and cliques in high school. I don't want to come off as racist, but these groups are usually categorized by skin color. Recently, there has been this group of extremely annoying people. They usually throw food at people, including apples and oranges. Yesterday, a group of Asians decided to finally throw some fruit back at them (I was relieved because they had previously hit two of my friends and nearly missed my head with an orange). The annoying group threw back some apples, ultimately hitting one of the Asians in the head. This action started a huge fight, which was quite scary to watch as it revolved around our group (we were in middle of the fruit cross-fire). The fight turned into a school brawl which lasted an eternity.

Well today there was another fight, only this time it was on the much larger scale. I can only imagine that it was for revenge. Anyway, this fight involved the Mexicans, Asians, and African-Americans. Luckily I wasn't in the area, but one of my friends (Asian) was badly beaten. He accidentally fell, and a swarm of African-Americans started to kick him; he had to be carried over to the office. Thankfully our school was bombarded by police and ambulance units. We had to evacuate after sixth period.

Right now I'm at a loss for words. I'm not sure how to feel about this event. There's so much racism, and my feelings are perpetuating those negative thoughts. I don't want to go to school anymore. :( Argh, damnit.

To put it bluntly, all of the African-Americans "hunted" down the Asians. ****ing assholes.

26-02-05, 01:40
My high school had 47 different languages and 58 different races attending.

Being racist at all there would have been torture...so nobody was.

26-02-05, 02:23
Wow, things are so much different here...in our entire district we have one person who was adopted from N. Korea when she was a child, and three students that are African-American. Other than that, we're all caucasian/white. There are hardly ever fights here - in fact I don't think I've seen more than two fist fights EVER. That must have been really really scary for you...

26-02-05, 03:21
Fights were extremely rare at my school, I kind of slipped under the radar, was the butt of many jokes, but I never got along with kids my own age anyway.
I still don't.

Children are... childish. And yes, I consider someone in their senior year who throws fruit or ****-stirs by name calling a child.


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26-02-05, 03:45
I would've been scared too. I remember freshman year two girls started fighting in the freshman locker room about some boy (very common coming from an all girl's school) and mostly everyone huddled to poke their noses at the scene. They started verbally accusing each other then led to pushing and then their "cliques" came and started fighting. I didn't stay after I got my books because the fight is always about the same source: who kissed who, who went out with who, who cheated with who, etc...Blah, blah! Thankfully it was controlled though..

I don't like fights, nothing good comes out of it.

26-02-05, 05:41
We have at least one fight everyday, just now it's getting more dangerous. :(

26-02-05, 06:19
Australia is a very multicutural country, rather like America. Many Arabic, Asian and Aboriginal students attended my catholic school, but the majority was mostly Caucasians.

On sep. 11 at school a huge war erupted amongst some of the Arabic/Muslim students and some of the Caucasians, and the teachers stepped in immediately and cooled it off. We never had a drama again.

Olvidarse, the teachers and authoritative figures should never have let it get that bad. If your school is unsafe for you to attend and switching is not an option, take your complaints to the teachers and tell them to do something about it. It is your right to feel safe at school.

And try not to generalise. A gang of a certain race may have been the instigators but that doesnt mean that ALL memebers of a race are assholes.

Im sorry, that is such bad news.


Angela Russell
26-02-05, 07:01
Fights occur on an everyday basis at my school though most of them are not about racism, rather just a lot of people hated each other. There was this one time when my high school nemesis Katie Hopkins kicked open the cubical door when I was getting changed after swimming and I was standing there butt naked in front of everyone. Well at lunch I stole this little kid's lunch box and smashed it across Katie's head. We got into this really big catfight after that and Katie knocked out one of my teeth from a sucker punch, but I pulled out a big chunk of her hair and broke her nose. It was WILD!!! In the end we both got a detention.

I do not know whether I should be happy or sad Katie was found dead in the park last month. After all she made my life a living Hell during my school years and last month she threw a brick through my window and got into a fight with me in Sanity. I was angry and wanted revenge which was why I lied to the Korean man who was stalking my friend Adele. I did not intend for him to abduct and murder her. I just figured he was going to scare her off, or a least at the very worse take her to the local Rape Center. OMG what if I am a suspect in her murder??? What should I do???


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26-02-05, 08:30
Angela - I really hope this is something you made up?
If you did tell this Korean man something to get rid of Katie you need to tell the police, immediatelly

26-02-05, 08:32
When I was learning at school there were almost no fights ever, ok maybe some 2 or 3 per year, but nothing big (btw this school is quite big with more than 1000 students). I guess the reason is that no racism is possiable there (here in Latvia that is wonder if you see some Asian or African-American!) I liked/like my school http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/hug.gif ...but of course there were a lot of smaller fight as it is in every school.

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26-02-05, 09:35
When I was in high school there were labels. There were preps (jocks/cheerleaders), rappers, nerds, punks/goths, and grubs. Mind you, I didn't create these groups. I fell in with the punks/goths because of what I looked like. :rolleyes: Fights would happen a lot between us and the (considered gods of the school) preps. They had nothing better to do but make fun of my friends because of their sexuality and looks. Some would even harass them. So anyways, the school board didn't do diddly squat for my friends and I so we resorted to fighting. It's sad, but true. Some people just can't accept differences in society.

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27-02-05, 01:43
My high school was full of gangs and trouble makers, i know what a lot of you mean.

Speaking of fruit throwing, a girl at my school threw a whole water melon at another girl, she ended up being pushed down a long row of stairs after being hit with that. She left the school after that incident.

Teenagers can truely be psycho's!

27-02-05, 02:51
I live about 300 metre's away from the high school i used to attend, and it still has it's monthly full scale 'race supremacy riot' after school which isn't nice because everyone i used to go to school with still feel the need to jump in.
There are only two groups within the riots, the asians and the english, but it seems to be getting worse each year, and i think this is how WW3 will start

27-02-05, 04:35
It's somewhat nice to hear that school violence is universal. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif :( I'm resorting to posting random blog entries of some fellow students. You can read them if you like.

okay well if u go to edison u probably already posted something.. but i was dying yesterday.. anyway the hugest fight ever at edison yesterday... police cars ambulences... it was even on the news.. the day before some blacks kept throwing food and **** at the asians and then the asians went to go beat the **** outta the blacks because there've been tension between the too for awhile... that was 3 fights in 10 minutes.. then yesterday.. in 5th period (before lunch) i went to the nurse's cuz of really bad cramps... i was in there till the end of lunch.. they put me into this small room with doors on both side.. it had one bed so i was laying on it with a heating pad and yeah.. ne ways half way thru lunch i called jessica to see if she can get my stuff and bring it to me... so her nou and kay stayed with me in the room, with the door clothes, till end of lunchl.. we heard some yelling.. "another fight!" and some girls ran into the offiice for sanctuary.. there was an announcement telling people to get to sixth period.. some more yelling.. jess and them left.. my mom came to pick me up but called and said she couldnt get in cuz there were cops everywhere.. so i grabbbed my stuff and left the room.. there were some banged up asians and latinos in there being bandaged up.. and a few latino girls crying.. one five months pregnant.. i signed out and left... apparently the blacks starting attacking anyone of asian ethnicity.. then the asians faught back and the latinos got into it too.. i guess someone was after the latino girls so they ran to the office.. including the pregnant one... im kinda glad i didnt witness anything.. it seems everyone who did is very disturbed sad and upset and angry at it all... i dont find it as everyone because all i heard was it was a fight... a school wide fight.. but a fight.. its not too safe at my school.. as u can tell.. 3 more months and me and my senior friends are out and away from that ****.. i heard that some kids were seriously injured and taken to the hospital.. some are said might not make it... how horrible is that.. they said they're going to up security.. they think that will help? but there's no way of keeping the gangs out of school and out of fights in schools.. i cant wait till college.. because people there WANT to be there and are MATURE enough to be there.. high school's ****.. my heart goes out to all those pained and injured and dying.. and their familys and friends.. no one deserves to be in the position their in because guys cant get along... i'm with everyone else.. i hate edison... your thoughts? it makes me so mad... the events of yesterday just opened my eyes to how bad things at edison are... stupid people... i swear... dumb racists... im sad... people i know got sent to the hostpial... hope they're okay... stupid people... dont' know when to stop...it makes me wanna transfer even more... i hate this... skool is supposed to be safe place.. and now its not... i hate it now. watching my friends get hurt..makes me cry...i hate having to watch my friends cry and know that i can't do anything to help..i HATE that... its not right... because now you'll always have to watch your back and be afraid of wats gonna happen next... we shouldn't have to be afraid...i thought all of these kind of things would have stopped.. but to know that its happening at edison... and to innocent people who get hurt... why do we have to be afriad when we haven't done anything...its just stupid..to all my friends at edison... BE SAFE!... hope everyones okay..<3<3<3 well yesterday sure was....interesting? ya way too much f in fighting dude..ridiculous i hated edison today its so retarded and hopefully monday is much better not way worse cuz theyre better be f load of cops there cuz i kno imma be up in some class for lunch prob break too cuz i dont wanna shot or **** lol well heres some additions to the groupie list i think i forgot some people iunno w/e

ok hey guys..did u see all those f in fites?..me and jo walked out of the library cuz we were finally returnin that f in book for davis and all these people started running towards the parking lot..and i thought sumthin was f in chasin them cuz there were like 200 people..i over exxagerate so that mite not be it..yah but so many people and i felt like runnin with them but i didn't and i think i probably would've gotten jumped..lol.i dunno that's so messed up tho. the black people jumpin the asians and after skool i was like its a good thing i'm mexican then i found out that they got some mexicans too and they freakin jumped asian girls too and that's f***ing messed up u should NEVER hit a girl if ur a guy.i'm afraid for marc so stuart and kyle and john u guys need 2 hecka hang out with him cuz if he gets jumped i'm gonna be mad and sad so u guyz watch out for him.soo yeah..i heard azns were bringin guns on monday..but i also heard there were gonna be like a hecka bunch of cops @ skool..yeah...edison is soo ghetto..hah..its retarded..
vicky said that the people were talkin bout bringing knives on monday..........i really hope no one i no gets hurt........and ryan said that he waz gonna jump in if anyone he new waz getting beat up.....i hope he won't do anything that will get himself hurt.....this is jux so really bad!!!!! bb, jon, brian, vue andthe chicks are ok....i really hope no one i no got hurt badly.........i hope it stays that way....
discrimination and sterotyping, where is it most commonly found?! the clothes we wear, the people we hand out with, and even our preference in music, but our skin?!? why something so mere as that?? WHAT THE **** IS WRONG WITH THEM! and they started this whole ****ing thing!

those people BETTER suffer the consequences and go to hell for what they've done...

kelly, im soooooo glad you're okay. you're still in my prayers!

and also to everyone else, there's going to be a load of police on monday for sure, and if there's going to be a fight it'll be OFF campus, most likely won't hurt you, just stay in class rooms or something, but don't let THEM affect you. go to school.

take care everyone, and pray for safe campus on monday. pray for a safe campus in general. bye.
okay well today was a really good day!! omg there was like a freakin thousand fights! it was scary but fun at the same time i felt bad for the ppl that got their ass kicked!! but yeah i wanted to go to the basketball game today but yeah i couldn't i hope they won!!! Matt told me to update.

So I am.

Yeah... today was absolutely insane, and terribly saddening. 13+ fights and I'm not overexaggerating. It's so sad how we think we've come so far, and how we think racism has died down a bit... and then the stupid, immature, and moronic people at our school go and screw life over. Ambulances, stretchers, cops, and blood.... [sigh]

So apparently I'm a short piece of garbage, and James is a garbage disposal.
No, that does NOT mean he's disposing of me. [for all you worried people out there who love me oh so very much... ::cough::]

AP Euro for me. There goes my weekends.

I want to take Jazz Band, but my parents are seriously forcing me to take Spanish 4, which I DO NOT want to take. GAH. I hate this. Oh well, I'll live.

Are you happy now Matt?

-The coolest person you'll EVER know. [i suppose]
ah.....how i love edison.....total chaos at lunch followed by martial law....sounds like more of that positive publicity that we're so famous for :( Not a very good day today....lets start off with the bus ride...so im sitting down next to the window which most likely is all the time because the stupid lil computech kids dont know what can you scoot over means so they juss get up and have you sit on the window side ...no problem their it juss kinda slows the process of everyone getting on the bus...anywho so im sitting down and the girl on the other seat on the other side started pushing the girl next to me and she did it like maybe 3-5 times and i juss started getting ticked cuz like they are so inconsiderate of other people, so i juss looked at her and im like can you please stop pushing her cuz shes pushing me and im hitting the window....and shes like me? and im like well your doing the pushing arent you, so can you please stop so i sat back and she told the girl i was sitting next to yeah you need to stop and i turned back around and im like no i was talking to you ...and everyone was quiet and was like ooooh...it was funny, but it gets to me when kids can be stupid! anywho first two periods were alrite .... third period ticked me off cuz McDonell wouldnt sign my paper cuz "my grades show i cant handle it" ...i dunno what the **** shes talking about because the only reason i have a d and a c is because they havent put in grades and part of that is because they are lagging and so shes like i dont think you can do it, cuz if you cant even keep up your grades i dont think you can do it....i was like well im taking an ap class rite now and its not that bad, how much worse could a honors class be and she basically threw the paper at me and said she had to think about it so she called the counselor and asked if she absoultely positvely needed to sign the paper and the counselor told her no and if we had any question to go ask her ...so as i was leaving the class im like this is ****en bull**** your damn rite im gonna go talk to my counselor .....we will see who gets that ****en honors class.....you all may be thinking...wtf is wrong with you, why dont you juss take an easy class....its not it... i want the challenge and i hate it when people tell me i cant do something ....juss gives me the motivation to try even harder at it....anywho everything other than that has been great...me and carlos have been together for a month and a week and those have been the best times of my life and i couldnt ask for anyone better than carlos cuz there isnt anyone out there that can even come close to comparing ....alrite today at lunch "total war" against asians and the blacks...and somehow the mexicans started helping the blacks which freaks me out cuz next thing you know its gonna be a complete war with all races attacking anyone in site...im scared that someone is gonna pull a gun on me....its scary...cops and ambulances were there and i even saw a few people on tv earlier until smith kicked the camera crew off .....its ridiculous and juss makes you think what the world is coming to nowadays ...its coming to a point where people are scared to come to school....crazy ****! anywho well my mom and sister are leaving sunday early early in la madrugada (morning) LoL.... and im so excited cuz i have FREEDOM at last! LoL..... but my dad is still here....im thinking of excusing myself from school one of these days and juss kicking back home....no one will ever know i was gone cuz no one is ever home...HOTT! PARTY AT MY HOUSE!!! LMFAO....well this entry is really long cuz i havent wrote in here in a really long time....so im out guys! Have a great weekend!

OMFG! there were TONZ of fights today! i guess it started yesterday cause one of the asian girls got hit or something. Today it was crazie! the first fight we saw we didn't really care cause we didn't think anyone we actually KNEW was fighting, then me & vanessa saw scooba swing, she said, "Damn!! scooba's in it!" so we ran over there. we were trying to get in and the guys hitting each other were getting closer towards us, i tried backing up and the C.A. hit me with the cart, i tried to move vanessa but vanessa got caught. We saw this asian guy get pushed on the ground. When the ladies took that guy his face was HELLA ****ed up! poor guy! then me & vanessa & priscilla were trying to watch the video beto got of the fight, but it wasn't clear cause i guess everyone was moving him : \. darn, lol. Then we saw everyone run so me & prissy ran over there. I saw these like 5 guys stomping on someone. I ran up the stairs and i saw when they were taking the asian guy away. a C.A. was carrying him to the office cause he was knocked out. I hecka felt all scared, lol. Then another one started again... damn there were a lot. It'd take WAY WAY WAY too long to describe all of them. The cops came and a bunch of teachers and C.A.'s were running around getting people to class. i guess people from other schools even came to fight today @ edison. Damn! poor blondie, the day she goes to L.A. w/ her fashion class is when ALL the fights go down. I'm pretty sure it's NOT over. so i guess it'll happen again on monday. Crazzie stuff man! Kylie said they're probably gonna have like a bunch of securities and cops at all the entrances checking everyone. Like not letting anyone go in until they check for weapons or something. I'm taking my ID, lol. Damn, today was good! lol. Well, that's it for now.. maybe i'll decide to describe more later, haha. Tootlez caboodlez!
With all of my Edison pride, it's currently nonexistent. I'm probably not going to school on Monday. I don't know if they'd get us if we were to go, but seeing how crazy it got today, who can be sure? I talked to my Dad, who I knew would be calmer than my mom about it. Mom's going to freak, I know. But Dad said "we'll talk tonight". But I'm pretty sure he won't want me to go. God, I feel terrible for those people who got beaten up. (A complete understatement, but I don't know how to put my feelings into words.) How could they do that to them?! *SCREAM* How can people be so stupid and bloodthirsty? Our bus driver asked us how bad the fights were and this one white kid yelled "There was blood all over! It was great!" I'm like what the heck? If he doesn't watch it, he's going to get the white people in on the war, too. Everyone (including me) yelled at him, "SHUT UP!" It's like English with those questions about preconceptions and how they change and stuff, has become reality. Here I thought Edison kids weren't racist... Well I guess a grip of them are, and have muscles and weapons and the rest of their own respective races to back them up.
How vile. How evil. How cruel.
How pathetic.
On a beautiful day like today, people still found time to belittle life and try to ruin it a little more for others. A lot more.
While they laughed, my friends cried. While they fought, my friends were beaten. While they were happy, our hearts broke.
To think this all started with fruit-throwing. No, it runs much deeper than that. What fools with their pointless actions. Actions that lead to fear, distress, and pain on the people they inflict it upon. Sometimes I think we have too much freedom... certain people take it for granted. Don't realize the work it took to be get here, and live here. Don't realize the gravity of their actions, that they could take life away in an instant, or damage it beyond repair. Or they do, and just don't care.
It's funny how this month commemorates their history. I think the lot of them probably think it's a joke.
Edison... there's a lack of humanity there. There can be no pride in that.
To kick a man when he's down... to even kick a man. You fools. Do you even know what you're doing? To others? To yourselves? No words can get to them, they don't care about themselves, they don't care about others. Fools trapped in their little own world, who don't care how it ends. Ignorance must be bliss...
Remember breaking down the walls? Yes... breaking down the walls... I understand why some thought it was hopeless at Edison. Eyes wide shut. Police and security... can do nothing.
My heart goes out to all of you who have had to suffer through all this ****. Racism... stupidity... fruit-throwing. I'm sorry that I can give no comfort, and only condemnation. Life sucks, and it isn't getting any better.
Advent is near...

27-02-05, 04:55
Olvidarse, thank you so much! It's so important that people open their eyes to see what the world really is. Many people think they are powerful because they have hate in their hearts and the act of toughness. Well the most powerful person is the one who can still stand up on their feet after being put through their cruelness. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

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27-02-05, 13:28
I think the violence at school depends on the country. The more students there are, the worse. But this doesn't happen only at school. If there are many people together in a place, it's natural to have arguments. When I was at school, the things were quiet. Greece is not that crowdy as USA, for instance. We didn't have many immigrants. Only recently people came from other countries and their children go to our school. There are differences between the children, but not of this kind.

Children are children. They "fight" for no reason, and it's not that bad. But I have seen times (not in Greece) where the children use guns or knives :( This is not good...

27-02-05, 17:04
:( We have fights sometimes at our school but never at that level.... but one time, a pupil was pushed through a window. Luckly, it was ground level and he's okay now. (It really wasn't sad at the time either, cause he started the fight. Some people are just so immature.)