View Full Version : Did anyone buy Project: Snowblind?

Melonie Tomb Raider
27-02-05, 14:27
I'm thinking about buying the game, but I wanted to see what other people had thought about it first. So, does any one own it? Is it a fun game?

One reason why I want to buy it is because TR7 might have a similar art style, sound, or even gameplay ( Well, besides the fact that P:SB is a 1st person shooter and TR is action/adventure).

The graphics in P:SB look great ( from the screens I've seen), so it really gives me high hopes for TR7. ;)

tlr online
02-03-05, 01:12
Got a copy from Eidos. Since I don't have either PS2 or XBOX, it's kind of redundant atm.

02-03-05, 01:21
What?! Eidos did not give you a PS2 and XBOX to to try them on :confused: If I were you I'd write a letter of complaint :D

tlr online
02-03-05, 01:36
There's quite a funny story attached to that. My colleague at Eidos told me I was "living in a dream world" to think that Eidos would also supply the hardware for their software! LOL!

tlr online
02-03-05, 01:36
... but like my Jedi Master always told me: "Don't ask, don't get!" ;)

02-03-05, 01:42
"Don't ask, don't get!" ;) So true - I HAVE a PS2 - I could let you know what its like! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/whistle.gif

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02-03-05, 01:54
I'm going to buy the PC version once my computer is assembled. However, it looks a little off the "cheesy" block. The voice actor sounds horrible from the previews.