View Full Version : Someone please tell me this is a joke...?

27-02-05, 22:07
FireFox is a high-security-threat spyware program! (http://img208.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img208&image=firefox6ff.jpg)

27-02-05, 22:17
You know, for a moment there you got me worried...but then I saw the anti-spyware program was made by M$ :D Don't worry, when compared to IE your Firefox is perfectly safe http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

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tlr online
27-02-05, 22:29
Where is the program folder for this? I downloaded the update from MS, but I can't find a shortcut to the program anywhere.

27-02-05, 22:52
You need to download it separately:

tlr online
02-03-05, 01:10
Got it. Tried it. Uninstalled it. Missed a TON of stuff AdAware picked up.

I mean, REALLY! A ton of stuff. Including tracking cookies. Having said that, some of the tracking cookies came from Microsoft web sites, so it's not too surprising.


Also, it's ironic how Microsoft labels its major browser rival as "spyware" - what a crock!

02-03-05, 01:59
That's real o_O? I thought that was a joke....

02-03-05, 03:35
Microsoft Anti-Spyware is actually pretty awesome. I've used it with FireFox for almost 3 months now, never had an issue with the two.

I don't use FireFox much though, only when I need to view certain sites. So probably don't pick up much in the way of Spyware for it.

02-03-05, 04:09
It's a joke...pretty funny though http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif