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tlr online
01-03-05, 18:23
Mozilla's Firefox web browser has boosted its total global usage share to 8.45 percent, according to figures by Web analytics company Onestat.com. Firefox's total usage share has increased by more than one percent since November 2004, the Web analytics company said.

Mozilla announced last month that downloads of Firefox had hit 25 million since it was launched.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) still dominates the global browser market with a usage share of 87.28 percent, 1.62 percent less than at the end of November 2004, according to Onestat.com.

"It seems that global usage of Firefox is increasing and global usage of IE is decreasing. It looks like users of IE 5 are switching to Firefox instead of upgrading to IE 6.0," said Niels Brinkman, co-founder of OneStat.com.

The global usage share of Apple's Safari has increased from 0.91 percent to 1.21 percent since November 2004.

Netscape (1.11 percent) and Opera (1.09 percent) are the fourth and fifth most used browsers.

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01-03-05, 20:03
You know, while I do have in the back of my mind 'Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!'; thinking logically for a second without my blinding hatred towards the browser that has caused many-a-battle on rstudio.co.uk (recent ceasefire has been called heh)

I'm totally shocked that to be perfectly honest, Internet Explorer has been top dog for almost a decade now. Seriously, it is ridiculous that in the 4 years that FireFox has been available; it is still only barely making a dent in the global statistics.

I mean FireFox 1.0 was only recently released, but FireFox (and can't remember it's name before that, was changing like every release) has been around for ages as a small effective alternative to Mozilla.

personally speaking I think Apple's Safari / iBrowse is just awesome, but that might be the Amiga lover in me talking ;)

can't wait to see the Explorer 7 leak copies comming out over the next few weeks.

tlr online
01-03-05, 22:46
I installed Firefox today and gave it a good whirl. The reason I'm sticking with I.E. is because it uses less system resources (and ultimately processor power) than Firefox.

I'm a speed freak!

01-03-05, 22:58
Most users don't care what web browser they use, so it's a big '+' for I.E. I heard that I.E.7 beta will be out in summer...

01-03-05, 23:45
Resource wise, FireFox does pay for itself over-time.

Explorer 6.x still has a horrible problem with memory, or rather letting go of it. So after a day of browsing or heavy image downloading, Explorer will have eaten too much Ram and start to cause issues.

FireFox suffers from the same problem, but is slightly cleaner in it will clean images from memory once the page is closed leaving on the a resident cache of it. Of-course this does mean it loads everything alot slower.

Explorer 7 is based around .NET with alot of hightened security, as well as the Garbage Collector; which means it runs one heck of alot leaner and faster. After it has obviously created it's first run JIT compile for your system that is.

02-03-05, 00:17
Honestly, I think the people who get bent out of shape over IE need to get laid.