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01-03-05, 18:39
Sheff Utd V Arsenal (FA Cup 5th Round replay), 8.05pm kickoff, Tues 1st March, BBC2 (UK)

I'm off to the pub soon for the biggest match Sheffied United have been involved in since...well that last one they played against the Gunners (That's the nickname for Arsenal) a week and a half ago.

Even if you're an Arsenal fan, non-sporty, American, or Neteru, do wish us the best of luck!

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tlr online
01-03-05, 18:43
LOL! Good luck!

01-03-05, 21:38
Still 0-0 18 mins left. Could be anyones game.

01-03-05, 22:05
So, what happened? It must be over by now.

tlr online
02-03-05, 01:03
Sheffield lost. By penalties, which I just don't agree with!

02-03-05, 10:14
0-0 after extra time. Sounds boring but it was one of those classic FA Cup games. Plenty of action and plenty of enjoyment. It's a shame penalties had to be used.
It should have been golden goal with no time limit.

tlr online
02-03-05, 19:27
Scotlee. How are you feeling today? Still reelin' over the result?

03-03-05, 00:14
Not fair!