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02-03-05, 03:42
I came on tonight because I wanted to talk to people - earlier tonight I was physically attacked by a fan for cheering for my team at a basketball game. It was really scary, and I left immediately.

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02-03-05, 06:30
you were attacked for cheering? Who is this fool ? He'll find the hard end of my boot on his backside.

Who the hell does that ?

You ok there ? *hugs* have some milk http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif milk is good for everyone

02-03-05, 16:08
:mad: this is the main reason i stop to go [since 1990],in football games!
we were attacked by fans of the same team![yes!the same team!],they smashed the plastic chairs in the above places, and they threw them down where we were sitting!just because our opponents got a goal!
the stadiums in greece[since the last decade] became more dangerous than a really battlefield!
also basketball,and volleyball follows last year and this year we have the first serious troubles in a waterpolo's game! :mad: