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04-03-05, 17:17
Yesterday Andrew (not sure of his second name) was shot in the head with an airgun in Easterhouse, Glasgow. He was rushed to hospital but died today of his wounds. His friends and family are distraught, said a friend of his family, and might never know happiness again. A 27-year old man has been arrested in connection with the case.

This just shows what a depraved society we live in. Shooting an adult is just wrong, but shooting a 2 year old is just sick! :mad:

04-03-05, 17:34
This is horrible!
How can someone shoot a 2 years old child?!?!?
Its really Sick!!!! :mad:

04-03-05, 17:40
This man is really sick id*ot! :mad:

(we live in a mad world after all)

04-03-05, 18:30
The person who shot him is almost definitely a ned - one of the street scum of Scotland. They don't seem to have any regard for the age of the people they target with their modified airguns. It's cases like this one that get in the news, but nearly every day someone gets shot here... It's really incredibly sad that the only occupations for half the population here is covering everything in grafitti, beating up anyone who looks at them, and shooting totally unprotected innocent passers-by from the safety of their houses.

I feel so sorry for the kid's parents, nobody should lose their son like that. :(

04-03-05, 20:25
That's unbelievable shocking. I feel so sorry for the child's parents, who will go on to suffer worst pains than that poor boy. :(

04-03-05, 22:28
:( :( I'm_just_furious. I am sick of this ****. I've understood the shcoking situation of world since i was a little child and when ive grown up ive learned more - this world has gone totally upside down and there aint a way we could heal it and get it a better place - ive TOTALLY lost my faith in this thing. World is sick, people are sick, man i hate this.

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