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28-04-05, 15:05
Dude, this day was hilarious! Our sixth years are leaving today and of course they mucked up the school (annual tradition!) ....they sent a male stripper to out head teachers office, tons of giant blow up 'things' were seen floating around the social area, and our school got put up on ebay! It almost made 20 grand before the headteacher forced the guy to take it down. His car was also up for sale! XD! Nice one! Luckily I made it home before being egged. Not as bad as last year though...although the police were still called round to check it all out. XD! I don't think many people here are in school still, but do you have any muck-up day stories? Share 'em!

28-04-05, 16:21
WOWWW! I wish the people at my schooel did crazy stuff like that!

28-04-05, 16:25
This is an odd tradition, where is it from?

28-04-05, 17:34
I dunno, but it's a cool one! XD Well, last day of high school, you've gotta be pleased, huh? There's only one way to get back at your headteacher for infecting your brain cells with knowledge for so many years...muck his school up! XD!

Fugitive Lara
28-04-05, 19:18
i remember around the last week of school people from the grade that was graduating used to set the fire alarm off everyday until they left http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

Laras L3gend813
28-04-05, 20:54
OMG I want your school, i wish my school did crazy stuff but were all "Cat Eaters" supposivly...

28-04-05, 21:20
on my las t day at primary we had water bombs, silly string and eggs ready to be thrown, they went the alarm went, food was thrown and eaten and something else which i forgot

28-04-05, 21:43
Dude, I wish I went to your skool! My skool is just full of retards, and usually the only reason the fire alarms go off unscheduled are because some stupid teacher doesn't know how to cook popcorn using a microwave... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/privateeye.gif

The only things they've done @ my skool are set firecrackers in the middle of the hallway, placed a fake battery-thing bomb in the boy's bathroom, got my math teacher's microwave to blow up :D , and a whole lot of other ****. But that was all during this skool year, and I heard that someone's gonna get a bag of mice (what you get from the pet store to feed your snakes) and put them in a bookbag and just let them loose around the whole skool. Let's hope they actually do that!

I cannot WAIT 'til June 7! Freedom from Hell!

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28-04-05, 22:03
yayyyy! i leave school 24th June! WOOO!! but then i might stay on agaain for 2 more years...for 6th form.

29-04-05, 14:51
Dude, there's more! hehe...today we got atacked by the 6th years with eggs and water-guns, so our teachers barricaded us in the school. Yeah, that was useless. We were stuck in the school, being attacked by eggs, and there was nowhere to run! Where's the logic? Then once that had died out, a bunch of alarm clocks started ringing in the cantine...we think they might have been hidden in peoples lockers or summat! XD!

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29-04-05, 14:57
soz, can someone delete this post? ;)

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29-04-05, 14:58
Oh yeah, I heard of another good prank (not one that we've done). You get 3 pigs, paint the numbers 1, 2, and 4 on their backs....then set them loose in the school. Once they've rounded up 1,2 and 4...they'll continuously be searching for the non-existant pig number 3...could be interesting! XD! We've already started planning our muck up day...we're thinking of setting loose the highland cows from across the road into our school. The field is just across the road...moo!

30-04-05, 02:14
wow, all we did was coat the school, pupils and teachers in flour, eggs and shaving foam...although one person started to throw custard round...dunno why...but i wish id thought of it though