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29-04-05, 07:16
Does anyone know how much did each TR game sell?! :confused:

29-04-05, 07:45
Originally posted by nomedo:
all together tomb raider have sold in about 30 million units.
i dont know all sales, but i have the PS2 sales in USA for the first 5 games.
Tomb Raider : 1,87m units
Tomb Raider2: 1,78m units
Tomb Raider3: 1,30m units
Tomb Raider4: 0,92m units
Tomb Raider5: 0,35m units

not very nice numbers to see... but if AOD have sold 2,3m worldwide on all systems, it probably have outsold Chronicles, and maybe Last revelation too (USA PS2) http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

29-04-05, 08:14
Hmm.....does anyone have the numbers for all systems or just for PC?!
Thanx anyway Olvidarse!