View Full Version : Counter-Strike: Source server

29-04-05, 21:52
I'm testing this for the next few hours (until 00:30 GMT)

Want to see how my connection performs using a fairly standard Multiplayer game.

Server Name : Liandri Source
Server Pass : darkbasic
Server Addr :

http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif It's running dedicated, and when I had a second instance on my machine (non-dedicated) for playing the 3 players online were getting 100ping.

Unfortunately thats unplayable on this computer, not sure why given 80-100 is fairly good in Counter-Strike standard.

Want to see what people get with it just being dedicated.

30-04-05, 00:20
Hmm, I can't find it when I enter the address under favorites. Is this a coastal thing?

30-04-05, 00:34
It's down now.. I had it up until half past mid-night. Currently downloading the Microsoft PDK 2003, cause thier 2004 one has ****ed everything up.

People were gettin ~100 ping, didn't seem to matter how many were in there. Probably cause of how I have my cable setup or something.

Going to play Guild Wars once the update is complete, but might put the server up again while I'm working tommorrow.