View Full Version : Avatar Help......... Yet Again!

Taker Fan
30-04-05, 02:50
Is there a Tomb Raider Legend avatar out there. Because you have to post the pics. Those pics will have to be big as my current one and I want my name on please. I want like some kind of phrase like the avatar at the formus. It said "all blue and ready to go". I want a phrase please.

30-04-05, 07:51
Hmm...maybe I can help? Just give me a link of pic you want for your avatar and phrase (to write on avatar, I presume, right?)

Taker Fan
30-04-05, 15:24
It's just that I can't find any Tomb Raider Legend pics.

Taker Fan
30-04-05, 15:34
Well here it is. Maybe other people can write on it with a speical program or something.http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/images/tombraiderlegend_mag_01/smallscreen11.jpg

Taker Fan
30-04-05, 15:38