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04-03-05, 21:03
How many bois r there on the forum that is either 15-18 that would like a GF??

04-03-05, 21:09
lol you might want to say to live in the uk aswell?

04-03-05, 21:23
Maybe we should start a new forum section, for blind dates and lonely hearts

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04-03-05, 21:30
for girls that may inlcude lots of threads on kurtis

05-03-05, 02:48
im proof a relationship started on this forum can work http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

05-03-05, 03:33
Originally posted by 01kr01:
How many bois r there on the forum that is either 15-18 that would like a GF?? I wouldn mind, and im currently working on it! (ive been workin on it for a year now...wow)

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05-03-05, 12:05
Well im lookin 4 a BF, and still not got 1!!!

05-03-05, 13:48
It took a while before I figured out what you're trying to say...

I'm not looking for it cause I'm not desperate but if I met the right girl...she's mine :D

05-03-05, 20:03
Well im not deseperate either, i just sed i would like a boyfriend!!!

06-03-05, 03:25
it's not about bieng desperate, it's about bieng lonely on a night! i miss the feeling of bieng able to wrap my arms around someone!
plus it's nice to have a female around (i live with my two mates, who are both in the same boat as me)

06-03-05, 18:38
sorry, I don't mean it in that way. I know some guys who are looking on the corner of every street to find a girlfriend...they are desperate. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif (thats what I ment)

06-03-05, 19:46
Yes so any1 want to PM me, then go ahead to talk to me and see wether im your girlfriend material!!!

the croft woman!
06-03-05, 20:14
lol bless ya! the easiest way i find to find a guy is to go to a clubv and get flirting! dunno how old you are so just where ever you hang out a lot, dont wanna go through the net hun its dangerous! but hey good luck!

06-03-05, 21:20
You don't need a boyf, petal, they fart, they belch, they scratch their manly bits in front of your friends, and worst of all they hog the computer! :D ;)

06-03-05, 21:45
And that's just their good points isn't it IAin'tYourHunnyBunny. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/mischievous.gif

06-03-05, 21:51
the farts and belches can be controlled and the computer hogging can usually be stopped by disconnecting the internet, we scratch our bits because the hair sometimes rubs

the croft woman!
06-03-05, 21:53
so chop the hair off it gross, and ive never seen a bloke able to control their burping or farting! id love to see that!

06-03-05, 22:26
Yeah and then they try to put the blame on you, or the dog.

the croft woman!
07-03-05, 08:52
HAHAHA :D thats so true! My bloke "accidently" let of one of those silent but violent farts when we were in bed, i was nearly sick had to run to the bathroom, he just layed there and said "she who smelt it, delt it" cheeky!

07-03-05, 08:57

07-03-05, 09:14
farting, burping, scratching your giggleberries, its a natural process...plus i know you lady folk will deny this but you fart and burp, i dunno bout scratching but im sure you do that too

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07-03-05, 11:27
We don't deny it but we usually have the manners to excuse ourselves if it slips out, or move away so as not to offend, and not push it out so it sounds like a sonic boom. Scratching we usually choose to do in private after all everybody itches occassionally. In some countries it is considered an insult if you don't burp after a meal.

the croft woman!
07-03-05, 11:54
Well have to admit, i can be filthy sometimes, i try to out burp ma man, and i can do it! but as for farting, i try keep it quiet or run off to the loo and do it, its embaressing! but we dont just let em rip when we need to like men do! what a fun conversation this is!

07-03-05, 12:16
there's nothing embarasing about eeking a nice long, loud, smelly fart! it's even better if you know you've topped your best mates attempt at trouser trumpeting.
but while a big blast from your bum can be funny i'll have to admit that the aftermath isnt (unless it's your own and you can sit there grinning proudly at your fantastic aroma)
and lets not forget about wafting the fart around the room so other people can get a whiff of your smelly creation and then asking "Does it smell nice?" in which they'll probably leave the room (with you still sat there proudly grinning)

08-03-05, 19:50
Wat, not all boys r the same though!!! So wat r u on??

08-03-05, 20:21
They start out OK but they deteriorate rapidly as they age. Very few really good ones out there and those that are are usually gay. They put on a good act until they think that they have you and then revert to type. Call me cynical but having been around for a while I haven't found too many good ones. (They are usually snapped up really fast). By the way I'm not on anything, haven't even had my coffee this morning yet. (It's 7.30am)

09-03-05, 03:24
just taking it back to the burping and farting part of this thread.... i might just be the odd one out here lol im quite female and i make sure every burp and fart are impressive :D no point otherwise ... gotta make fun outta life somehow...itching? godamn if it itches i gotta scratch that also goes for rearranging my boobsies.. whether in public or not ... if my boobs aint sitting properly imma fix em.

Sure lots of blokes are just filthrats and ya just wnana lock em in a box but ya get the gems funnily enough same goes for women... ya get the great ones if you look hard enough... but for men and women unfortuneately if the gems are already taken or impossible to find, the generic brand seems to fit the best lol... god im rude...uhm

09-03-05, 03:30
my point lol which i forgot to mention is a partner is a choice... not a necessity umm if a good one for you comes along just let it flow ... see how it goes ... cant force anything... and when you succeeed oh boy the rewards are great :D

(wub ya nathy) hahah im lame

09-03-05, 04:43
Funny thread....I guess the women here would love me...I try not to do all those things :cool:

09-03-05, 05:31
Unfortunately LC8290 you're too young (for me) and don't live in Australia.

tlr online
09-03-05, 06:17
Morning Kate. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

09-03-05, 08:39
:D :D :D

Very interesting reading.

I've got to admit I do those things (fart, burp and scratch) but there's a time and a place. Keep it for when you're out with your mates.

I'm currently in competition at home. My 3 yr old daughter has discovered the delights of farting and has also decided that it's funny to blame it on me (even if I'm not in the room).

And on the flip side there are not too many females out there who know when to ask a question in the middle of a football game. My wife certainly doesn't. There's a time and a place for everything.

09-03-05, 12:36
Evening Justin, well it's nearly morning, just past 11.30pm. Just came in from my parrot club meeting. Got second prize in the trivia competition. Not bad considering some of the questions were sport related and I'm not into football. You helped me with one question by your mention of Ice Hockey. Name of (spelling) Ratzlick what sport is he involved with, clue was Canada or America, so I put down Ice Hockey. Really pleased to get 2nd as everyone was supposed to be in groups of 4 and my group only had 2 and Bob (he was the handicap). If we had been able to have a normal group and no handicap would have come first. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

10-03-05, 20:40
Ive bin to the hospital yesterday and they said that im to early to come out of cast yet so ive had to another one on, but at least i got a chose of colour!!!

14-03-05, 11:34
Originally posted by the croft woman!:
lol bless ya! the easiest way i find to find a guy is to go to a clubv and get flirting! dunno how old you are so just where ever you hang out a lot, dont wanna go through the net hun its dangerous! but hey good luck! that's also a very easy way of meeting the wrong sort of person also :( can work either way IMO http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

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