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tlr online
05-03-05, 02:01
ITV. The Minardi's are running atm. It's raining in Melbourne too!

05-03-05, 02:19
looks blue and sunny now though, well it did, depends on the camera angle, I guess the sun is on its way :D

tlr online
05-03-05, 02:26
Are you into F1 too?

05-03-05, 02:34
Yeah, I watch it when I can, this new rule on the engines lasting two weekends is going to very interesting.

The drivers and team are going to have to decide whether or not itís worth pushing the engines to the limit as they used to. I think itís a good thing, bring more technical knowledge into races. Not sure about the tyre rule though, itís the tyres that make you stick to the track

tlr online
05-03-05, 02:38
I can't believe that cloud just dumped a ton of water on the track while Schuey was running! 2 min qualifying time! I don't think I've ever seen him rack one up so slow before!

05-03-05, 02:41
I've been watching it since 9am it's now 1.45pm here and you should have seen it about half an hour ago. The rain was bucketing down, it was sleeting and they nearly got hail. One of the Bar cars has spun off and been damaged so they will be working all night to get it repaired. Rain is still pelting down.

Hi Justin and Henhead. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

05-03-05, 02:49
In my opinion it could not happen to a better driver, after the Schumacher - Hill fracas in 1995, I lost all respect for him as a fair driver.

I am not doubting him as one of the best F1 drivers of all time, but he has this arrogant streak that I donít agree with

05-03-05, 02:50
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05-03-05, 02:59
Bit of of shocking end to the qualifers, not how most people would of imagined the line up to be. At least the Schu brothers are close together down at the rear.

All said and done, its set to be a good race, even more so if conditons are the same as today!

05-03-05, 03:00
Yes my mother did not like Schumacher because of what she saw as his arrogance. I suppose when you are the best in the world and so very hard to beat why wouldn't you be a bit arrogant.

We have always been a motor racing family. My mother and stepfather used to set the alarm and get up no matter what time of night it was to watch F1. When my parents were still together we were always at the car races. We had a major racing track only 10 minutes from where we lived. My stepfather used to race motor bikes (he was the swinger on the sidecar) they were very good to. Were New South Wales and Victorian champions for a number of years. Paul's partners son became world champion in 1973 and still manages a team. Paul has even raced on the Isle of Man (where he was born) in the TT.

Henhead qualifing is not finished yet. There is another session tomorrow morning and they wll add up both scores to see who will be on pole. Schuey will not be on pole as his time today will prevent that from happening. Good news is that Webber is No. 3 from todays session.

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05-03-05, 03:05
I could never be the swinger in the sidecar, Id be scared incase I fell off!! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yikes.gif That takes a brave man, who trusts his driving partner.

05-03-05, 03:07
Jack Carruthers was a very good driver and it was even more dangerous in the 1930's when they were racing as they did not have a cover over the wheel of the side car. It was Paul and Jack who developed that. A lot of swingers used to have very serious hand injuries prior to that.

05-03-05, 03:08
Originally posted by Tramp:
Henhead qualifing is not finished yet. There is another session tomorrow morning and they wll add up both scores to see who will be on pole. Schuey will not be on pole as his time today will prevent that from happening. Good news is that Webber is No. 3 from todays session. But with a racing tank, and if the conditions are still the same, I donít think the racing order is going to change substantially.

tlr online
05-03-05, 03:14
I think Schuey will pull something out of the hat during tomorrows pre-race qualifying. Hopefully he'll claw his way through the pack during the race too! Would love to see him win. Again. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

05-03-05, 03:17
We will see tlr!

Anyways it getting late now, off to bed, hope to see you both again tomorrow around the same time!

05-03-05, 03:22
Sleep tight Henhead don't let the bedbugs bite. See you tomorrow same time same place. I'm now going to watch the V8 Supercars.

Justin Schuey could just pull it off. He was very unfortunate today that his qualifying was right at the heaviest downpour and there was no way he could do any better times without possible damage to the car. I would still like to see Webber Win. Gotta be loyal to the Aussies and he is such a nice guy.

05-03-05, 05:58
Renaultís Giancarlo Fisichella -> he can be quite happy about that dry luck -> easy win so far, will see how Q2 will end up.

1.Giancarlo Fisichella, Renault (1m 33.171s)
2.Jarno Trulli, Toyota (1m 35.270s)
3.Mark Webber, Williams (1m 36.717s)
4.Jacques Villeneuve, Sauber (1m 36.984s)
5.Christian Klien, Red Bull (1m 37.486s)

18.Michael Schumacher, Ferrari (18th, 1m 57.931s)

18th for Michael? It means nothing and it makes no diffrence to him - he will take the lead after all, I think.

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05-03-05, 06:09
nevermind...it was wacky :rolleyes:

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05-03-05, 07:15
Saw the original post lc8290. I did get the joke. Probably about where my car would be too. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif