View Full Version : Pop-ups replaced by FLASH adverts

tlr online
05-03-05, 03:56
Those annoying web-cam pop-ups that were synonymous with Yahoo! have now been replaced with equally annoying FLASH adverts that float across the page you're reading and require you to click CLOSE before you're able to read the content you originally came for.

Take IGN for example. Ads on a typical IGN web page almost outweigh actual content, and most of them are annoying FLASH ads.

What is the point of ****ing off your visitors, because they simply won't come back!

05-03-05, 07:18
Ugh, they're so freaking annoying! I have to follow the "Close" with my mouse, sometimes clicking on the stupid ad itself. What's more annoying is when it produces sound.

05-03-05, 16:49
I don't bother going to IGN anymore because of that. I mean, I have better stuff I could be doing than waiting 10 seconds or more to get passed the spam.

Chug a Bug
05-03-05, 19:45
Do you mind if I ask what OS /browser you guys are using? :confused:

I'm not getting any problems with those sites. I'm using XP sp2 and the latest updates for IE6 that block ads and other rubbish and Mozilla and other alternative browsers do the same, apparently.

Or have I misunderstood something? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/privateeye.gif