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Scottlee-1917 posts

In my "year" (1917), the first world war has just ended. What's happening in your post count year?

Elen, dear, at 17000 you'll just have to invent some post-apocolyptic world where guys with light sabres are fighting over the last remaining energy source, or something.

If you're a newbie with less than 1900, though, you might be able to educate us with an interesting historic event (0-1900AD).

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tlr online
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tlr - 17364

Ice cores unlock climate secrets

Global climate patterns stretching back 740,000 years have been confirmed by a three-kilometre-long ice core drilled from the Antarctic, Nature reports. Analysis of the ice proves our planet has had eight ice ages during that period, punctuated by rather brief warm spells - one of which we enjoy today.

If past patterns are followed in the future, we can expect our "mild snap" to last another 15,000 years. The data may also help predict how greenhouse gases will affect climate. Initial tests on gas trapped in the ice core show that current carbon dioxide (CO2) levels are higher than they have been in 440,000 years.

Nobody quite knows how this will alter our climate, but researchers hope a detailed picture of past fluctuations will give them a better idea.


Article courtesty of www.bbc.co.uk (http://www.bbc.co.uk)

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I had to look up what happned in my era - 234 AD.
It predated pollution - good. But it also predated antibiotics - bad. You could probably expect to live 45 years if you were lucky. They hadn't even invented the steam engine yet, so don't even think about electricity back then. What a lucky bunch we are to be living today! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

200 -300 AD

Septimius Severus, Edict Of Caracalla, Three Kingdoms, Battle Of Hormizdagan, Roman Army On Rhine Revolts, Marcus Postumus Defends Gaul, Battle At Chalons, Age Of Diocletian, Aurelius Carausius Revolts, Britain Reinvaded By Romans, Battle Of Carrhae

200 AD Septimius Severus-Septimius Severus came to power at the point of a sword. Severus first challenged Didius Julianus who was the highest bidder to become emperor at a auction held by the Praetorian Guard. Severus went on to defeat Septimius Albinus and Pescennius Niger, each head of his own legion and each claiming the right to be Emperor.
212 AD Edict Of Caracalla- Caracalla, the son of Septimus Severus who succeeded him after killing his brother, issued the Constitio Antoniniana. Although this edict extended Roman citizenship to all free inhabitants of the Empire, its value was limited since citizens actually had very few rights at this time.
220 AD Three Kingdoms- Six Dynasties- With the end of the Han Dynasty, Tsao Pei assumed power and founded the Wei Dynasty. The Wei dynasty was the first in a series of dynasties known as the Six Dynasties. While the Wei dynasty would eventually be recognized as the legitimate one, for some period of time, three competing kingdoms each claimed to be the legitimate rulers of China.
224 AD Battle Of Hormizdagan- Artabanus V, king of the Parthian Empire is defeated in the battle of Hormizdagan by Ardashir the shah of Persia. This proved the beginning of the Sassanid Empire.
235 AD The Roman Army On Rhine Revolts - Alexander Severus the Roman Emperor conducted an indecisive campaign against the Germanic tribes. Alexander Severus' troops revolted and killed him. Maximinus, a Thracian general, became the new emperor.
259 AD Marcus Postumus Defends Gaul-From 235 to 284 A.D., the Roman Empire was shaken by Civil War. There were 22 emperors and all but two met their deaths violently. During this period, both Germanic tribes in the north and Sassanid Persians in the east made inroads into the Empire.
274 AD Battle At Chalons - In 260 A.D., Marcus Postumus created a separate Gallic Empire. In 274 A.D. at the Battle of Chalons, his successor Pius Tetricus was defeated, thereby ending the short-lived Gallic Empire.
284 - 305 AD Age Of Diocletian - Diocletian became emperor in 284 A.D. He engaged in a series of reforms that reinvigorated the empire and transformed it. His actions launched the period that became known as the Late Empire.
Diocletian divided the empire into four administrative units each with its own rulers and administration. Diocletion strengthened the army as well as the civil service.
287 AD Aurelius Carausius Revolts-Aurelius Carausius, commander of the Roman fleet in the English Channel, revolted. He established England as an independent kingdom of Britain.
296 AD Britain Reinvaded By Romans- Constantius Chlorus invaded Britain. He defeated Allectus who had killed Marcus Aurelius Carausius. Britain was reintegrated into the Roman Empire and divided into four provinces.
296 AD Battle Of Carrhae - Artabanus V, King of the Parthian Empire, is defeated at the Battle of Hormizdagan by Ardashir, the Shah of Persia. This marked the beginning of the Sassanid Empire.

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799ad...something of an historical significance!

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Originally posted by Scottlee:

In my "year" (1917), the first world war has just ended. What's happening in your post count year?Not to be anal but WWI ended in November of 1918. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif


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Duh! It IS 1918! Look at my post count http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/c-2.gif

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Nothing much has changed, except some people can live for ever if they can afford it (things with genetic-code programing). Air isn't so fresh as it was back in 2005. For $50 you can by immunity against all diseases. Alot of people slowly are being integrated on other planets like Mars (overpopulation). Biggest cities are atleast 5 -10 times larger now. I'll think of more...

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4606 AD

not much has changed


the croft woman!
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The world has been dominated by over grown talking dogs, humans are close to extinction (spl?) and those which are left are used for the entertainment of the dog lords. The world is no longer polluted, the skies are always a bright pink with a blue shining sun. The plants can talk and flowers are 20 feet tall

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745 AD - Cathal Maenmaighe, Lord of Ui Maine, died. Blathmhac, son of Coibhdeanach, Lord of Muscraighe, died. Dubhdabhoireann, Lord of Ui Fidhgeinte, died. Anmchaidh, chief of Ui Liathain, died. Fiachra, son of Ailene, lord of Mughdhorna, was killed

What a year. http://www.clicksmilies.com/s0105/aktion/action-smiley-034.gif

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1501 A.D. - A great age of exploration. The first Europeans arrived in Central America, and many maps of Asia are being made.

It was also an important point in the history of mankind...

1501 AD through present - Not much evolution here, just a lot of wars and events like the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Boston Marathon, which took place in Cuba and Boston. Respectively. A few atoms evolved into Radio Shack robots, the electric chair, and the Playstation2. Some rogue portions of mankind evolved into Americans, who then invented the pickup truck, gun rack, and Chia pet.
source: http://www.thebluething.com/

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4741 AD

Humans farewell the planet that nutured them for 3 billion years.

An evacuation process that has taken humans almost half a century to complete. The once educated hypothesis that Earth had another 2 billion years at the begginning of the second millenia till destruction is now a laughable memory. Humans managed to deplete it in a mere 5000 years. First by "drying up" Earth of all her natural resources, humans then continued to destroy Earth by burning the ozone layer into extinction and melting the polar caps, raising the sea levels by an astonishing 2.3 metres. The seas then started to evaporate as temperatures rose dangerously high, burning most of the plant life off from lack of oxygen and destroying the once harmonius biosphere. As Earth doggedly chased her worn journey around the Sun, humans lost hope for the slim chance that Earth would chance her course within the solar system, moving further away from the Sun, which would aid in cooling the burnt planet and give hope to repairing the disappearing atmosphere.

After abandoning the loyal planet, Earth will slowly start her inevitable lonely death, which will plot her swelling to a massive red giant that will eventually consume the Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy.

As the humans start their new lives on a new planet, the memory of Earth and her unwavering loyality to the human plague that killed her will be soon forgotten.

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