View Full Version : The Butterfly Effect

06-03-05, 02:39
Just watched the Directors cut on dvd, which I understand had a different ending to what was shown in the cinema?

Has anyone seen this movie and know what was the original ending was like, If you do please PM me as I dont want to spoil the films ending for anyone who has not seen it yet.

tlr online
06-03-05, 10:23
Haven't seen it but it's on my list. Does the DVD contain both endings? (i.e. as special features)

06-03-05, 13:32
This version i watched was an original import NTSC copy from the states, unfortunatly it did not have the alt ending contained on the DVD.

Maybe the UK release does.

06-03-05, 14:53
I saw it last week. a beautifull movie, its now in my top 10 best movies ever seen...