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Angela Russell
07-03-05, 03:37
Do you like or hate SHORT HAIR??? I hate it it is so irritating and makes you look like a BOY!!! Has anyone seen Keira Knightley lately or Miranda Otto's bob cut from the miniseries Through My Eyes??? Back in 6TH GRADE I got the side of my head shaved during the school fair and had to have the rest of my hair cut boy short. It was really embarrasing!!! I usually keep my hair shoulder-breast lenth, but I never have it tied back anymore in case someone decides to shave the side of my head, they won't do as much damage. Your thoughts???


07-03-05, 03:51
Someone came after you and shaved your hair in the 6th grade?! I would have been mortified!

07-03-05, 04:29
A woman has to have long hair. That is a rule. Period.

tlr online
07-03-05, 04:30
Originally posted by joseph:
A woman has to have long hair. That is a rule. Period. LOL! Agreed. It's the law! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/privateeye.gif

07-03-05, 04:38
I tend to agree with Joseph, which is why I wear my hair very long, but there is a strong argument for short hair. It can look very cute. See Reese below.



tlr online
07-03-05, 04:39
AE. Turn MSN on luv.

Rose Naberrie
07-03-05, 07:58
I like my short hair. Long hair are only good for the girls that has straight hair, and mine are not. And to say that that is a rule is half forced...

07-03-05, 08:34
Long hair is lovely in curls.

07-03-05, 10:09
You should've specified if it was on a girl or boy in your subject header. :D

Something I find quite weird, all the girls I've been with have noted how 'cute' my hair is when it's about shoulder length.. which when in a relationship going to the barbers seems to always be one of those 'i'll do it later' tasks, you know what I mean.

But they seem to like it cause it goes curly (wavey), where-as I hate it like that. So I prefer to get it cut short so I feel I can actually do something with it.

This said my preference on girls really depends on the look of the girl. I mean you've got to know what suits you and what doesn't.. That is probably the biggest gripe I have with alot of girls, they go around dyeing thier hair 60 shades of something every few weeks, not realising that actually thier natural hair colour suited them best. This is true of alot of people, I mean I'd make an exception to that rule with Ginger. That is just a horrible colour for hair :(

What always ticked me off living stateside was they couldn't tell the difference between a Ginger and a Red Head. To them they're the same thing... when they are hugely different. I mean a Red Head is really closer related to Brown... where as Ginger is just a flipping Carrot colour!

Maybe it's more just my upbringing for that, but they've always been seperate colours to me.
Probably wouldn't be much of an issue, but I've got some weird thing for Red Heads; and considering Ginger Nuts kinda seriously put me off, the desernation for me is quite a bold definitive line. :D

Personally my favourite lengths are more short. I mean for me Shoulder Lenght = Medium, and short is more something ear length or something.
When it gets to that length the whole style really does make or break it's look.

Like Hallie Berry can't pull of the short hair look to save her life, but Meg Ryan.. she looks quite cute with it. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif
It is all really 'eye of the beholder' stuff though, some find beauty in different things.

07-03-05, 13:36
meh im sexy with long OR short hair ... even more so now it's black :D

07-03-05, 14:09
I myself have Thick brown wavy hair that comes halfway down my back (untill next week When i get it cut to shoulder length and dyed blonde) this little event will be the first time iv'e been inside a hairdressers in 6 years!
Anyhoo...I prefer long dark hair on women, if it's any shorter than shoulder length i consider them "not worthy" (no offense) but on guy's i don't mind it...unless they spike it up, then the startto resemble the common prat (once again, no offence)
Colour dosent really matter though, your hair could be blue, blonde, black, red, pink, green (it happens) and i'd still like it! and i would sit for hours playing with it, id probably wash it too (i have a thing about womens hair-i love the silky texture of it!! mine aint bad but i only wash it three times a week, not 5-6) the only colour i can't stand is ginger (no offense) it's such a horrible colour, it makes your head look rusty and manky and horrible (please don't hate me!) and to be honest i pretty much hate them bieng within a 50ft radius of me
so lets summarise shall we
short hair is a no-no long hair is a must

Angela Russell
07-03-05, 23:17
I hope the guys behind Pirates can afford a wig within their budget since I do not see Keira Knightley getting her very long hair back in time for the second Pirates film. But what about Natalie Portman??? The short hair look suited her in Closer but now she is going to go Ellen Ripley/Molly Holly and shave it all off for her new film V for Vendetta. Your thoughts???


08-03-05, 09:04
I am a big fan of Natalie (almost to the point of obsession) and short hair definatly does NOT suit her! let alone bald, my fantasies will turn to nightmares when i see that