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08-03-05, 00:18

Actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson revealed more information on the upcoming Doom film, based on id Software's hit franchise. Johnson, who was on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart promoting the film Be Cool, was prodded by Stewart about another upcoming project.

"The film is Doom," admitted Johnson, "We just wrapped it." After Stewart asked the part-time WWE wrestler if he played a "creature," Johnson responded, "No, I'm the one," to which Stewart elatedly brought his hands to his face and screamed, "You're the dude!"

Confusion as to whether The Rock or actor Karl Urban of the Lord of the Rings trilogy fame would be the film's main star still remains. Urban's character, John Grimm, is the leader of a special-operations group that includes Johnson's character, listed only as "Sarge." The Rock was earlier quoted by Empire Online as saying, "Without giving the movie away, I play the ultimate [censored]. It'll be great. But you don't know I'm [censored]."

Taking much of its inspiration from the PC game Doom 3, the film will take place in a paramilitary research facility on Mars, where things go awry and hell is literally raised. Some theories say that the Rock is actually Satan in disguise, which would tie in to the film and game's devilish setting.

Johnson let on about his excitement for the film. "Here's the great thing about Doom... It's rated 'R,' it's unapologetic, just like the video game. I love blowing [expletive] up, and in this movie..." Johnson also gave details about the legendary BFG, calling it a "bio-force gun," rather than the more profane term gamers pegged the acronym as standing for.

Doom the movie is expected to hit the screen in August and is being directed by Cradle 2 the Grave director Andrzej Bartkowiak. Contrary to earlier reports by id Software, the film is indeed being developed by Universal Pictures and will costar Die Another Day's Rosamund Pike in a less villainous role.

Source - www.gamespot.com (http://www.gamespot.com) 2005

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tlr online
08-03-05, 00:21
I heard about this. You'd think lessons had been learned by the train wreck that was Lara Croft Tomb Raider?

Angela Russell
08-03-05, 00:34
I absolutly hate video game based movies they all sucked except Tomb Raider and Resident Evil, both of which were decent but compared to the games they were **** and their sequels were even worse I mean common who the Hell turned Lara Croft into James Bond and why the Hell was Alice not only fighting the Nemesis instead of Jill btu they are doing Kung Foo moves on each other I hate this this is a real bummer those games where the best I remember the first time I played them!!! It's like the directors have no clue what they are doing. But anyway I am going to see it I have been a fan of The Rock and Karl Urban since their WWE and Xena days they are hot!!!


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08-03-05, 02:32
oo i love the game! the movie will probably suck, but id still go see it http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

i wish they picked another actor besides the rock. and other than arnie.

08-03-05, 07:39
Personally I thought the Resident Evil movie was pretty damn sweet... I mean the second one was like the game it's based on, a short and far easier to handle storyline.

I mean Resident Evil 3 was basically an idiot's version of the game. Not to say it was bad, just not one I'd list at the top ;)

This said when Resident Evil came out, so did 28 Days Later. Both of which are just superb Virus based stories. What I liked so much about the movie was, the original one didn't try to tie into the game much. I mean you had Umbrella Corp, STARS, and the whole Mansion scenario setup.. but it was all based on a new premise / take.

I mean you had 'The Hive' from RE2, but the Red Queen controlling it was a new factor. As were each of the characters you were introduced to.
Rather than the action being in a secret lab fronted by the Mansion, it was just a 'back entrance'

I feel similar about the Tomb Raider movies, while the original was more game based.. I think the second one felt more movie-esque.
Quite liked both movies. I mean with the premises you'd never actually get some amazing oscar winning film, but you do get some enjoyable family films.

At the end of the day,
Super Mario Brothers, and Street Fighter 2 The Moive.. Enough said ;)

08-03-05, 09:00
It's about time they made DOOM, it was announce that a film would be made in 1999 along with Duke Nukem, but after that i never heard anything about it...untill now, and i think it'll be a blast-no pun intended (it can't be any worsre than AvP! they ruined two franchises with one blow!)
Roll on the Duke of Nukem!! and i'll be a happy bunny

08-03-05, 16:50
Originally posted by Raven_:
Personally I thought the Resident Evil movie was pretty damn sweet... My thoughts exactly. I like the fact that they made Resident Evil movie as close to game as possible, they know what fans really need http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif . I just hope Silent Hill movie will be made with the same attitude.

08-03-05, 17:06
Sounds intereseting.

09-03-05, 01:59
...im still waiting for a max payne movie. :(

09-03-05, 16:39

Dude, they've been promising a Doom movie since '94 ... c'mon Govn'r Arnie! ;)

10-03-05, 11:37
i was reading in a game magazine at the dentist and theres some other guy playing the main "dude". :confused: soo is it the rock or not?

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11-03-05, 09:27
Originally posted by Raven_:

Dude, they've been promising a Doom movie since '94 ... c'mon Govn'r Arnie! ;) wow since '94, then again i was only 8 in '94 so i did'nt read much (or watch TV, i was never inside long enough)
As for AH-NOLD the barbarian, i think he would be brilliant in DOOM...and a few other movie's that are to be made from game's

14-03-05, 22:38
First Doom Movie Picture Here

The first picture from Universal Pictures' adaptation of the popular video game franchise Doom is now here. The film, starring Karl Urban, The Rock and Rosamund Pike, is set to hit theaters on August 5.


Source - comingsoon.net 2005