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Mark Garcia
02-05-05, 20:28
I had an idea while browsing my WMP playlist today. This game may be kind of difficult, but I'm sure the results will be great.

The game is about to take a piece of a song and mix it with another piece of another song, and then mix both pieces with another one and so on... I'll post the intro of our TRF song and the next one to continue will have to insert another piece of song after the last one.

To make this, you will need a sound mixing program. I use Nero Wave Editor because it's easy and so good. You may find some sound editors on the net for free.

Let's get loud!! ;)


INTRO: 60 miles an hour - New order

DOWNLOAD INTRO (http://www.markgarcia.com/audio/intro.mp3)


A free hosting server to upload the sound pieces is www.yousendit.com (http://www.yousendit.com)

02-05-05, 21:02
Oh it's good for uploads!


Ok who is next?

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