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08-03-05, 16:08
Hi well, totally unbeleivable to me. I just found this.... UPGRADE (https://autoreg.autoregister.net/cgi/cabletier?cust=ntworld_tiermigration) <<Click

It seems for NTL customers who pay 24.99 GBP a month for a 750k connection can get a 2MPS for the same price.

Now on closer inspection, there are new limits, but from what i gather the main aspect is there 1GB limit per day. But in all fairness thats still a great deal i think. Espeacially for someone like me.

Way the good and bad benefits out and see if its right for you. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

Chug a Bug
08-03-05, 23:18
I can't get cable around here unfortunately so I'm stuck with a BT line. :(

They do seem to be upgrading their services generally I used to be on a 512kbps service but as from the last couple of weeks I can now get a 1Mbps service for the same money.

8Mbps trials are being held as from April and when ADSL2+ gets going with it's 18Mbps it looks like UK broadband is finally waking up!

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09-03-05, 08:25
Yes agree, i think the UK is still far behind. Which country has 10mbps already, is it Sweden or Normay? i carnt remember is either.

Does anyone know what the USA's standrad connection speed is, as well as the Japnaese.

tlr online
09-03-05, 13:26
Sod that! 1Gb per day! LOL!

09-03-05, 16:36
It seems awesome, until you see the whole 1GB per day limiter... I mean even at my 300K NTL connection I can download 1GB in just under 5hrs, so if I were to download Matrix : Online or something it would cut out.

I guess for standard use though it is a good deal. It is something I'd have to think about (given I'd be upgraded to 1Mb) .. Hmm

09-03-05, 16:41
I heard that BT is going to upgrade the broadband speed from 512kb to 2mb where possible, I can't wait. I don't download enough stuff to be worried about a 1GB data transfer limit, I'd fall in love with it for making UT2k4 go smooooth online. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

09-03-05, 16:59
Then switch to NTL ;)
I get 8-10ping on European Servers, 35ping on American Servers (provided thier dedicated)

Only game I get horrible ping rates is Doom 3, truely unplayable at 280ping

09-03-05, 17:23
Yeah for some people obviously its not an option, for me, i mean its fine. I can download lots of stuff from music to vids, and i have tested it so far and i havent had any limits.

I mostly just browse the web and play a few games online so its perfect for me.

Chug a Bug
10-03-05, 00:03
I could get a 2Mbps service but thats limited to 5gigs per month or pay an extra 10 per month and I've got through more than that in the last few days! So it's 1Mbps unlimited for me for now at least.

tlr online
10-03-05, 01:54
Chug a Bug. Are you a fan of David Lynch by any chance?

10-03-05, 03:13
tlr needs Optimum Online with 1MB/sec down sustained http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/clown.gif