View Full Version : URGENT help needed (well required if your being picky)

08-03-05, 20:02
I'm writing a sort of AOD "user guide type thing" for my english language origional writing. my teacher is nice a nice enough lass but she's, well shall i say 'skeptical' when it comes to computer games.

I'm trying to convince her that there is an audience for this type of thing so i was hoping to copy+paste any responses to this topic as proof of lara's popularity and of the potential market for a AOD user guide committed to paper.

i'm close to finishing (hopefully by the weekend 11th/12th) so if anyone would be interested in criticising the finished thing then e-mail me and i'll forward you a copy.

Thanks in advance,

08-03-05, 20:12
Hi Crux2,

There is a huge market for videogames in todays age, if you just look around you you will see that old games and being made into movies, books and merchandise.
The popularity of Lara Croft is even further enhanced by the comics, 2x (blockbuster) movies and of course Lara Croft - Tomb Raider is now in progress of it's 8th game.
There is wihtout a doubt a huge market for an AOD (or any major videogame for that matter) user guide.



PS - I would love a copy, please send to psone@liquidite.com