View Full Version : Cool Online Game!

10-03-05, 14:39
Its a nice little Demo here, i quite like it. Bit hard to play on a Laptop Pad though.

Online FPS Demo (http://www.rasterwerks.com/dev.public/phosphor_alpha_4_248.htm) http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

10-03-05, 22:51
I guess I didn't make it on time. Next version should be ready in about a month. What was it about?

10-03-05, 22:56
Yes I had the same problem. They certainly didn't leave it up for very long. And just a black screen saying next version out in about a month. No information on what it is about which I find really strange. Would have thought they would have had some promotional material there.

11-03-05, 00:30
Oh sorry, it was a really good 3D FPS done in shockwave, or i will try bump the post when it comes back on.