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tlr online
12-03-05, 06:19
Torrential rain pounded the Sahara desert of southeastern Algeria in early March 2005. The rainwater poured down the dry channels cut into the desert by former floods, washing away buildings and disrupting telephone and power networks. At least three have died in the floods, and nine others are missing. The water-filled wadis formed blue-green lines through the desert on March 7, when the Aqua MODIS instrument captured the top false-color image. In both the top image and the mouseover image, which is from February 27, 2004, and has been provided for comparison, clouds are light blue and bare desert soil is tan with a slight pink tint.

Rains over the region during the past two months have caused over sixty deaths and 1,000 injuries. According to the UN Relief Web, rainfall in the Sahara has been above normal since 2004. This may contribute to flooding opportunities in Algeria and elsewhere, and is also linked to another natural-disaster: locusts.


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