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Precious Bass
13-03-05, 05:07
I'M BAAACK!!! Yes it's me - Angela Russell, in the flesh. Well the last time I was here I made the mistake of only censoring part of my cursing and got banned for it. I was warned by a mod, but the time I got back online to view the warning I had already been banned. Anyway I thought I should come back and appologise for any inconvenience I may have caused. I am sorry you guys for my rudeness who will forgive me???


13-03-05, 10:55
Uh, I didn't even know about this kind of a banning thing, but sure I'll forgive you ;) Nice to have you back :D

tlr online
13-03-05, 11:07
Angela. I've just sent a format complaint to your ISP for breach of our Terms & Conditions. I expect you'll be hearing from them shortly.

You are now permanently banned from this forum.