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13-03-05, 18:59
I know the whole zombie theme as been overdone but seriously, this movie was pretty good. While watching this the fright kicks up real early in the movie, practically the first few minutes. I'm watching it right now and I think it's pretty good. The beginning was extremely corny but got better later on. Patricia Tallman, I think, was a great main character. A big reason why I like this is because it takes place in the middle of nowhere, deep in a forest at a farmhouse where the survivors have nowhere else to go unless they have a working vehicle.

Let me know if you liked it. ;)


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13-03-05, 19:28
seen it some 4 times i think. it is a little corny, yeah, but its pretty darn creepy aswell :eek:

14-03-05, 03:26
I never knew there was such a movie. I first saw the original on TV in black&white. It was the best.
I saw Dawn of the dead last year (remake vesion) - a terrible movie. Extremely violent (with zombies that run fast http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yikes.gif ) and very depressing. I also saw Shaun of the Dead - a bit more interesting with some comedy thrown in - but still the same old zombie stuff. If you see just one, pick Shaun.

14-03-05, 04:44
The zombies in this movie are slow. When the survivors wait inside until nightfall I think the zombies are attracted to the light from the house and soon there's tons of them. I don't want to spoil anything. I definately recommend this movie be in everyones collection. I bought mine brand new from ebay. ;)

Don't watch it during the day because that makes it weak. It's perfect for late night. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/clown.gif ;)

14-03-05, 08:10
Oh come on! It's a truly shocking remake of a 1967 classic. Even the storyline has been butchered for no apparant reason.

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14-03-05, 10:55
I thought this was a remake of a classic. They seem to have done that with a lot of the horror classics these last few years.

14-03-05, 15:04
This is a remake of Romero's classic. It was made by Tom Savini (not sure of spelling) who created the make-up effects for "Dawn of the Dead" and other horror movies.

I have both versions, still prefer the original though.