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30-01-04, 21:07
http://www.ntlworld.com/partners/itn/images/hutton_andrew_gilligan_sm.jpg Andrew Gilligan, the reporter whose Today programme report sparked the Hutton inquiry, has resigned from the BBC.

In a statement, Mr Gilligan conceded that some of his story was wrong, saying: "I again apologise for it. My departure is at my own initiative. But the BBC collectively has been the victim of a grave injustice."

He said he had not been forced to resign but was quitting to protect the institution he "loved".

"I love the BBC and I am resigning because I want to protect it. I accept my part in the crisis which has befallen the organisation. But a greater part has been played by the unbalanced judgments of Lord Hutton."

He is the latest BBC scalp to speak out against the conclusions of the Hutton report and defend the BBC's actions.

Earlier, Greg Dyke who resigned from his post at the BBC despite hoping Governors would ask him to stay, described his shock at the inquiry's conclusions.

"We were all at the BBC, 20 of us who got it the day before, we were all absolutely shocked by Hutton.

"We were shocked that it was so black and white. We knew mistakes had been made by us but we didn't believe they were only by us."

He said: "I think Alastair and others have been remarkably ungracious.

Speaking of his departure he said: "I felt I had to offer my resignation. I put it to the board and they did not try to dissuade me. I don't want to go, but if in the end you screw up, you have to go."

Mr Dyke insisted that the BBC had not accused Tony Blair of lying.

But following Mr Dyke's departure, the BBC issued an "unreserved" apology for its reports on the Government's handling of intelligence on Iraqi weapons.

Meanwhile, BBC staff are trying to raise money to put out a national newspaper advert expressing their "dismay" at the departure of Greg Dyke, their former Director-General.

In a remarkable show of support, organisers are hoping to collect at least 4,000 signatures for the advert.

High-profile TV stars will also be canvassed for their cash.

30-01-04, 21:15
Yes what we do not want is Blair putting in some puppet in the top two jobs. The BBC to be able to be independent from the state, and not to be afraid to report all the news.

tlr online
30-01-04, 21:17