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I'm doing a movie. Prince of Persia. Im filming the gameplay and editing it down to a finished project. I need the voices for the Princess, King and Vizier. Please help me!! It has to be in tomoz! would someone please beable to record these lines for me. I would send u a copy of the film and i would be Eternally grateful!




Prince use the dagger!

Excellent, now take his sand!

No I didn't

Do it take his sand, beat them prince!

I am Farah, the daughter of the Maharaja from whom you stole it, this is your doing!

And we will share his fate if you do not give me the dagger, to undo what you have done!

I'm sorry I know what it is to lose a father.

What are you doing



You don't understand, I need that dagger to undo-

You are right to be cautious

But fight as bravely as you may, you cannot defeat this enemy, the sands will spread, they will consume everything!

I have heard it said that you are kind as well as brave, please believe me! Help me find the hourglass!

How do you know that?

I'll cover you!

Well no need to be rude about it!

Are you ok?

Well you was out long enough.

It's scary, but beautiful out there.

I'll do this one.

I'll do the next one.

I've got it!

There's monsters down there!

Ok I'll cover you.

What happened, all I saw was red!

It's true, the myth is true, it really is built on an ancient palace!

Look, I can crwal through that! You're here, When my father died I thought I couldn't go on. I know how you feel! Look I keep telling you that was not my father!

Prince Please don't come that close to me.

I just don't like it.

You are brave and good but i just can't be near you.

A mess hall!

Look a ladder.

Why did you put your sword away?

That was a little cowardy for a prince, and a prince of persia!


The gate's broken!

I'm not lying!

Look, there's a ledge down there!

Do you think you could find your way to the baths?

Good i'll meet you there!

Help Me!

My love, Please don't leave me, Please don't leave me, my love!

Oh Nothing, the most important thing is, is that I know the quickest way to tower of dawn!

Prince, I'm stuck! The gate wont open!


I fine Prince.

That's ok, I'm not the nicest person either.

In the library in this book it said that love is the most important thing. It is to be cherised.

It's not that type of game!

I can crwal through that!

I'll meet you by the gate into the tower of dawn!

It's ok, It's me!

It's Me!


Not everything in this castle is haunted!

You did it, take the dagger strike it into the center of the dome!


What are you talking about.

Go on, theres no time!

The dagger was there, it was in your hand, why did you hesitate, you soldiers, you are all the same, all you cant do it fight, destroy, why did I trust you? Why didn't you trust me?

Where are you?

Take my hand! Don't let go!

I didn't mean what I said.

You are brave and good, and if this tomb is to be ours at least the dagger will be buried with us and we will be together.

When I was small my mother told me a word and she said that if I was ever scared all i had to do was say that word and a door would open.

I've never told anyone that!


It's beautiful, come on!


Let him be brought before my father, he will judge.

Then it's true, he was a traitor.

I owe you thanks. But why did you invent such a fanctastic story, do you think me a child, that I would believe such nonsense.

Ah, I said I owed you thanks. You presume to much!

Wait, I don't even know your name.

Your majesty, I trust you remember your promise?

The Marahraja's treasure vaults lie within.

Your Majesty, you promised me a choice of the marahraja's treasures, that dagger!

I can tell you, inside the hourglass, is a marvel that no living man has seen. Alas only the dagger can unlock it, and it belongs to a greater one than I, a young prince, dearer to his father than all of the wealth of India! Perhaps he will oblige.

Maliciius ha ha la trotta

Give me the dagger

You have unleashed the sands of time, I can undo what you have done, give me the dagger!

Give it to me!

Maliciius ha ha la vahee


Give me the dagger.

The girl is unrequired

Give me the dagger and I will give you power. Eternal life will be yours.



Why would he indeed, I have a simpler version, a Persian soldier asteemed for glory enters the chambers of the Marahraja's daughter, and is slayed, BY ME!

You majesty, for your own safety, I suggest you flee.

Your father was a great warrior in his youth, or so he had the world believe.

Then again maybe father and son are alike, since both suffer from easy plunder.

Give me the dagger and there will be no trouble.

Persian soldier leave, or you will pay.

Did you really think you could beat me?!

And so it ends, how will the Marahraja feel , when he finds his only daughter slayed by the son of his enemy, do you have any wors you wish for me to communicate to the princess before I KILL HER?! Words of love perhaps?!

I could have been immortal!

King Sharaman
Now my son, we attack

See how I fights. I bet like a warriors son.

Surely you won't denie the boy a souvenier of his first battles. You can have your choice of the maharaja's other treasures. Except that hourglass!

I wan't No animals or Maidens harmed. I want it to be known that King Sharaman is Merciful in Victory.

My Friend

Soz for the long post and my email is scottgodfrey@msn.com remember it has 2 be dun 2nite. Thanks agen. Soz for the short notice http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

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I'v done the mens lines...if you like.http://johnnymoon0.tripod.com/prince_of_persia_pt_1_4_bit.wav

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thank u m8. I owe u thanks :). U will have full mention on the credits and a copy of the film will reach u in the mail a.s.a.p! I will send u a pic of ure character(s) tomoz.

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and of course http://johnnymoon0.tripod.com/prince_of_persia_pt_2_4_bit.wav

Anyway I had some fun doing it. Best of luck with your film.

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n e body volunteering for a sexy lady?

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it says not avalible for download

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But if you go to file and "Save Page as..."?

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By the way....sorry to ask...n pardon my hignorens....but what does LOL mean?

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Lots Of Laughs. :D

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Well, the jokes on me. Thanks.

Scott I copied the first file again for Pt 2....so you got two pt ones.

Here's the real part two.....with the end of the viziers speech. Sorry bout that....was in such a rush to get it out. Hope it's ok. See you.


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Oh yeah right. DON'T click on the link. Copy the URL and paste and go.

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or ... Laugh Out Loud http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif