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tlr online
31-01-04, 05:52
John Lydon has made a bid for freedom after getting sick of life in the I'm a Celebrity jungle. The 47-year-old made it half way over the bridge separating the camp from the outside world before he was caught.

He told the other celebrities: "I tried to escape, it's the devil in me. I thought I'd try and get across that bridge, I couldn't see anyone so I thought I could get across. I got about half way when I got caught and so I snuck off into the bush."

He had begun the day in a bad mood and lashed out at Jordan, greeting her with the words: "Hello Jordan, when are you actually going to do something?" After covering his face in charcoal to protect himself from mosquitos, he stomped off into the jungle.

As the day wore on, the other celebrities realised he had disappeared and sent Lord Brocket to find him. The aristocrat brought him back to camp where he presented Jennie Bond with a wild flower he had picked for her.

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31-01-04, 12:33
John Lydon is magic! 'I'm a ......', is awful telly but also compulsive viewing. Have to laugh. :D