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05-05-05, 07:19
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[ May 5th 2005 ]

Shares in British video-game publishers were rocked yesterday after giant Electronic Arts issued its second profit warning in six weeks, citing a current shortage of consoles coupled with the decision by gamers to wait until Microsoft's Xbox 360 (Xbox II) and Sony's Playstation 3 have begun circulating. Ordinary shares in Eidos fell 10 per cent to close at 48.75p with shares in SCi Entertainment - currently in the process of purchasing Eidos - shedding 20 per cent to close at 298.5p.

According to British newspaper The Independent, conspiracy theorists believe the shortage of game consoles has been deliberately orchestrated to clear the decks for new hardware. SCi Entertainment, the company at the center of a recent acquisition battle with U.S. equity group Elevation Partners, is in final negotiations with Eidos after the board unanimously recommended an all-share offer put forward by SCi.