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31-01-04, 13:59
Pensioner told she's too old to buy a jigsaw

A pensioner who tried to buy a jigsaw from a mail order firm was turned away by staff, for being too old.

Iris Milne, 84, rang up to order a 1,000 piece puzzle featuring Notre Dame cathedral in Montreal.

But a phone operator told her the sale couldn't go ahead because people over the age of 80 have trouble filling out the forms.

The Daily Express reports bosses at Express Gifts, which runs the Ace catalogue, later apologised and explained the ban only applies to people over the age of 90.

Iris, of Yeovil, Somerset, said: "I think it's discrimination. I'm perfectly capable of doing things for myself so why shouldn't I have a jigsaw?"

After complaints to managers the 5 jigsaw was dispatched to her home. Fiona Turner, spokeswoman for Express Gifts, said the incident was "an unfortunate misunderstanding."

Story filed: 10:09 Saturday 31st January 2004


31-01-04, 14:01
There are company-misunderstandings and real ones.


31-01-04, 14:05
Shouldn't they concentrate on what the person wants before asking "how old are you?" :confused:

31-01-04, 16:39
It doesn't matter what your age is some people will never take the time to find out the truth first will they?