View Full Version : Whats that smell??

05-05-05, 12:06
no i haven farted before you accuse me!
I was just wondering, whats the nastiest thing your nose has had the privelidge of sniffing?
what do you think is the foulest of the foul?
for me it would have to be a pair of 5year old trainers i had before i threw them out

05-05-05, 12:36
rotting fish

05-05-05, 14:01
Activated sludge. ;)

05-05-05, 14:18
Probably the worst smell I found I really cannot describe here with young people on the forum. But the cars have to be destroyed as the smell will not leave them even after a full strip and re-upholstery. I had the misfortune of finding one as a teenager. :(

05-05-05, 14:38
wow, ive got a good guess as to what it is, although i cant be sure, i tell a lie about mine, the worst thing has to have been sewage works near my friends on a hot day...man that stinks

Capt. Murphy
05-05-05, 15:00
As for rotting stuff I think it would be some old left-over mashed potatoes that were in the refridgerator. For chemical it would be this cleaner concentrate container that I had to water down and rinse out before I threw it away. One little whif and I almost choked because of the strong chemical odor.

O/T: The grossest thing I've ever seen was a dead rotting Blue-Jay in a bucket of dirty water infested with maggots crawling under it's skin. X-[ :eek:

05-05-05, 15:15
Well me and my friend Gayle was once walking back from the beach through this valley trail, and there was this sign, so we walked up to it, and i said "What does that say?" and Gayle goes, "Sewage pump" Then the smell hit us, not very nice at all.