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tlr online
06-05-05, 07:19
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[ May 6th 2005 ]

SCi Entertainment Group, the British video-game publisher who recently agreed an all-share acquisition offer for rival Eidos plc, lost a further 7p per share during trade yesterday, clocking up a monthly deficit of 34pc. The earlier decline had been attributed to a profit warning issued by EA - the second in six weeks - citing a current shortage of consoles and a reluctance by gamers to invest in old hardware.

Wednesday's reduction of 15pc reduced SCi's market capital to just over 82.96 million pounds. The slide was due to "margin calls" - when a stockbroker requests more cash to cover positions held through a derivative trade known as a contract for difference, claims The Telegraph.

SCi Entertainment, the victor in an acquisition battle with U.S. equity group Elevation Partners for beleaguered publisher Eidos plc, is expected to finalise the deal in the coming weeks.

06-05-05, 09:42
Once Eidos' line-up becomes SCi's line-up though, that market price will even out.

You know what tanks me about EA, is they declare these profit warnings over the past few weeks... declaring the problem is with the fact that not enough people have the hardware to buy thier games; saying it's some major fault of the industry as a whole they're not going to make *as* much as they were.

Fact might be that until the new hardware hits the stores and they ACTUALLY release new software, thier market IS going to bottom out. All of the other companies are growing in thier profits for this quarter, it's only EA this so called 'lack of gamer interest' has hit.

Who would've thunk it. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif Thank god on of thier Ex-Idiots won't be running Eidos with an Irish Rocker (oh yeah like that was ever the SOUND choice ;) )

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http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif .. i have to suffer with my mild dyslexia everyday, install a spell checker and you won't have to.