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06-05-05, 23:37
Today I watched this movie, called "The Yes Men," about these guys who run a website that is nearly identical to that of the WTO. Except for, they are protestors of the WTO, and have altered it to "reveal the truth" of the WTO and its motivations. The funny thing is, people e-mail them and stuff, thinking they actually are the WTO! And they answer back. People from this site have even been on MSNBC Market watch and argued with another WTO non-supporter, they showed it, it was so funny! No one even notices, or bothers to even look close enough at their website to discover that it's a fake. They don't even notice the ridiculous names they use, like Glaynus Bochsbuca... I left off in the middle, so I don't know how it ends, but they had been invited to speak at a college lecture, and they were actually going. They have this hilarious stunt planned for it too, one of the guys is gonna rip off his buisness suit to reveal this gold body suit. I can't wait to see the end. This movie was just ridiculous and so funny.

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