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01-02-04, 17:22
Bond-style car 'will drive and fly across Channel'

A Swiss firm is planning to prove a new car they have developed can travel on land, sea and air by driving it across the English Channel.

The Bond-style car, which will be unveiled at a motor show in Geneva next month, has folding wings and a high-tech hydraulics system which allows it to lift off over water.

Swiss engineering company Rinspeed designed the sports car for "the man that has everything else."

The firm says the Rinspeed Splash will drive into the waters off the coast of France and after a while will take off to complete the rest of the journey in the air.

Engineers say the futuristic car can reach speeds of 200 kilometres an hour on the road, 50 kilometres per hour on water and 80 kilometres per hour over water.

They claim it can accelerate to 100 kilometres an hour in just 5.9 seconds. The two-seater is due to be put to the test this summer with a world record attempt across the Channel.

Story filed: 14:58 Sunday 1st February 2004

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