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07-05-05, 19:13
Anyone remember when Lara was the Lucazade icon for a good while, where she was chased by doggs and made them fall off a high ledge? And then they had those "Gone a bit Lara" Lucazade advertisments.

DO u think Lucazade dropped Lara Corft after the v. disappointing AOD?

Anyway, i think Lara needs to get back out there into advertisement again. Not Lucazade, but something different that mirrors who Lara is and what she is like. Mayb she could b the icon for Nike or Adidas shoes? LAra IS very sporty!

What do you reckon? What should Lara advertise to get her face recognised again? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

07-05-05, 19:24
I think Lucozade was a great thing for Lara to advertise - unfortunately I then got addicted to the stuff, lol.

Not brand-name sportswear... I can't imagine Lara wearing stuff like that O_o

I think Sony should have used the Tomb Raider franchise to launch the PSP or maybe the PS3 -

But to be honest, Lara doesn't have as much marketing power since AOD - I loved the game, but commerically it was a flop :( I guess no-one will use the name and franchise again until the games make it big. I really want to see more Lara products though *smiles at geeky Lara Croft action figure collection*

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07-05-05, 19:29
But in actual fact, it saddens me that Lara is not OUT THERE so to speak.
lol, no i suppose sportswear wouldnt b wot lara would normally wear but something along those lines might work. Not clothes....but something else...what cud it b? :confused:

07-05-05, 19:29
Hey guys,

I am gonna send this thread to general chat because it really isn't talking about Tomb Raider Legend specifically. Its more to do with Lara as a force in advertising.



07-05-05, 20:44
I thought the whole mobile phones thing would have worked, equipment and such that Lara would actually use. Hmmm...

07-05-05, 23:21
Larazade had ended promotionals before Angel of Darkness was released, they still have it up on the website (those crazy irish and thier sports drinks.. but the promotion itself had been gone for a while.

I never actually thought it did much for them anyways, hense why they dropped it. Not that they really advertise often, now it only seems to be for thier marathon event. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif
Used to drink it all the time in college, but it's now just a little too expensive to justify.

1.10 for a 650ml bottle. I felt it was expensive back in college when it was 70p.

I mean have you noticed that you can buy either 2 750ml CokeCola (plastic bottles, gah!) for like 1.40 but a 2litre bottle for 1.30!
It's just crazy..

08-05-05, 07:38
I'm not to bothered about Lara commercials. In fact, I'd propably die of embarassment if they showed any of the Larazade stuff on TV over here.

08-05-05, 18:15
hmm...mobile phones sound a good idea.