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tlr online
07-05-05, 22:06
FLOOD-TIDE of the river, flow on! I watch you, face to face,

Clouds of the west! sun half an hour high! I see you also face to face.

Crowds of men and women attired in the usual costumes, how curious you are to me!

On the ferry-boats the hundreds and hundreds that cross are more curious to me than you suppose,

And you that shall cross from shore to shore years hence, are more to me, and more in my meditations, than you might suppose.

The impalpable sustenance of me from all things at all hours of the day,

The simple, compact, well-joined schemeómy- self disintegrated, every one disintegrated, yet part of the scheme,

The similitudes of the past and those of the future...

07-05-05, 22:35
LOL, this took me back to my Uni years, Justin :D American Literature was one of my favourite courses http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

tlr online
07-05-05, 22:38
Walt Witmans's words can reduce me to rubble. Do you read Whitman?

07-05-05, 22:50
I didn't know your were into poetry tlr. Interesting. Unfortunately, I am not really into literature or the arts. I am more of a 'man of science' so to speak. Did you go to college or uni to study poetry?

What course did you do at university Nicky? I am about to sit my final uni exams in a few days! I will graduate 21st June and will obtain an BSc Honours degree in Microbiology and Infection. So subjects like bioterrorism and infectious diseases are where my interests lie! lol! Really has nothing to do with poetry!

08-05-05, 04:42
@ tlr: I studied several poems of Whitman at the Uni. I'm far from being a bookworm, but when it comes to really good stuff, I get absorbed by it http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

@ UT: basically the division was 'English Language/ Literature/Civilization/Cutlure' but it also included courses of American Literature/Culture.

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