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Taker Fan
08-05-05, 05:43
Tekken 5 is an interesting fighting game that has alot of action. So what are your favorite fighters?

08-05-05, 08:54
When is it out do you know? Is it out in the USA already?

Taker Fan
08-05-05, 14:40
Yep it's out here. Tekken 5 is only for the USA and the country Japan.

Smith will Suffice
08-05-05, 17:30
yeah the thing about tekken games, and all fighting games for that matter is that they dont usually have much replay value.

unless u have lotsa friends who like to play games or something, they can be very monotonous and repetitive and they generally become boring.

not to say they are bad or anything.


08-05-05, 20:08
Tekken 5 is the only wicked fighting game except for Virtual Fighter 4. I can't wait to get my hands on it this summer. I live in the UK so I have to wait ages for these games to come out over here. My best Fighter is Ling Xiaoyu.

08-05-05, 21:21
This is the only one i havent managed to play as yet. But i do plan to in the future i have loved all of there fighting games, oh and for the record, i hate VF! :S

08-05-05, 21:27
I love tekken! I want to play Tekken Tag....but ours doesnt work anymore! :( I'd so love to play it again. *sniffle sniffle*

08-05-05, 23:17
Originally posted by Taker Fan:
Yep it's out here. Tekken 5 is only for the USA and the country Japan. So its not coming to the UK?

Smith will Suffice
10-05-05, 03:41
no it will come to u guys too, but probably not for a while.


10-05-05, 05:03
I'm not really a fan of Tekken.
I liked 1 & 2 on the Playstation, but the Playstation 2 games just seem... boring.

Soul Calibre 2 is excellent though.
Still nothing beats a SNES copy of Super Street Fighter 2 ^_^

10-05-05, 10:20
Lol Street Fighter rocks! I got Hyper Street Fighter 2 - The Anaversary Edition, for the PS2.

Taker Fan
10-05-05, 11:45
I like Street Fighter too! What's your favorite fighter in Street Fighter, Nephili? Mines is Chun Li!

10-05-05, 16:26
I'm such a fan of Tekken. ^_^ My fav fighter in Ling. ....and Panda! :3

11-05-05, 00:37
Heck yes! Tekken 5 is the best fighter out there! I'm best with Ling and Steve... But I like Raven.

Taker Fan
11-05-05, 00:43
Ahh Ling, Steve, and Raven. Such fun characters. I just don't like the boss at the end, Jinpachi! He's a cheater! He throws a fireball at you ( from his stomach ) and it takes like half of your life! And he has a move that stuns you and he gets a free hit!

He's such a cheater!