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Joe starts his new job as zoo handyman and is given three jobs on his first day.

The first job is to clear the weeds from the fishpond, all is going fine until a large fish tries to bite him and Joe accidentally kills it with his shovel. Realising that the boss won't be too pleased. Joe looks around for somewhere to hide the evidence. He notices the lion enclosure is close by, he throws in the fish and it is devoured by the hungry cats.

His next job is to clear out the monkey cage, after a while the two chimpanzees start throwing rocks at him. Before he can stop himself, he swipes out with his shovel and connects with both primates, killing them instantly. Joe panics, until he remembers about the lions. So he drags the two bodies over to the enclosure and throws them over.

"Surely nothing can go wrong here," he tells himself as he starts on his third and final job of the day, collecting honey from the bee hives. But the swarm doesn't take kindly to him poking about and attack him, forcing Joe to defend himself with his shovel once more. He squashes as many as he can and shovels them into the lions cage.

Later that evening a new lion is introduced to the pride. The newcomer is making small-talk with the other lions and asks: "What's the food like here?"

"Brilliant," says one lioness. "Today we had fish, chimps and mushy bees."


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Lol :D