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09-05-05, 08:02
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[ May 9th 2005 ]

A British gardener has unearthed an archaeological gold mine dating back 3,000 years while landscaping his garden. The hoard of items, including crude weapons, axe heads and spears, is among the largest uncovered from the Bronze age, according to Reuters News Agency. A Viking brooch was also found buried.

"This is one of the biggest late Bronze Age hoards ever found in Norfolk and is up there among the major finds in Britain," said Alan West, curator of archaeology at Norwich Museum some 100 miles northeast of London. "The items are in good condition and this find is another significant piece in the Bronze Age jigsaw adding to our knowledge of the period," he told Reuters.

The Bronze Age followed the Stone Age and is generally classified as running from 2,500 BC to 700 BC, preceding the Iron Age which ran from around 650 BC to 43 AD. West said the latest find dated from around 800 BC.