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03-02-04, 22:30
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In what some see as a bid to avoid garnering the youth vote, Conservative Party interim leader Michael 'I believe' Howard has pledged to reverse the planned relaxation of cannabis laws in the unlikely event of the Tories ever coming to power. And his government would also ban alcopops and the alleged entertainer Britney Spears.

Mr Howard, referring to the government's plan to reclassify cannabis from class B to class C next week, described the idea as 'absurd' and 'without logic'. He said it would send a signal to young people that cannabis was safe and legal even though it was not.

'And alcopops are just as bad,' he told reporters. 'They just encourage underage drinking. And that Britney Spears just promotes teen sex.'

'So we'll make them all illegal,' he said.

'And we'll be taking a close look at the Teletutubbies as well,' he concluded. 'My advisors tell me there's something not quite right about Po's relationship with Laa-Laa, but they can't put a finger on it.'

Asked if he had ever had an alcopop or lusted after Ms. Spears, or, indeed, watched the Teletubbies, Mr Howard refused to answer. He said if he did answer the question the entire shadow cabinet would then face similar interrogation, and he could not be sure of some of them.

'I have reason to believe that at least one of them has a Britney Spears CD,' he said, 'and I'm pretty sure Theresa May has a talking Po that says 'big hug' when you squeeze it. Either that or there are some funny goings-on in her office.'

Credit: DeadBrain.co.uk and volumized.net

03-02-04, 22:43
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04-02-04, 04:06
Whatever, Britney isnt a teen anymore so i dont see how she promotes teen sex. Especially since her market are now mostly over the age of 20.

It's a free world, that is how Britney expresses herself, if people dont like it, they have no right to ban it.