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tlr online
10-05-05, 14:23
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[ May 10th 2005 ]

George Lucas has a lot to smile about. His missing Star Wars jigsaw piece will soon fall into place as Revenge Of The Sith, starring Ewan McGregor and Natalie Portman, assaults theatres the globe over, bridging the gap between A New Hope and Attack Of The Clones.

LucasArts' digital counterpart, Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith, is also proving hot property as it storms its way to the top of the UK video-game charts, holding off stiff competition from the likes of Grand Turismo 4 and Tom Clancy's Chaos Theory.

Eidos' LEGO Star Wars, featuring the brick-sized blocks of yester-year, snatches second place, with Electronic Arts' FIFA Street holding up the rear in third.

11-05-05, 19:12
Star wars revenge of the sith was a brilliant game, the only downfall was the co-operative missions there were only four of them.

Lego star wars was really pants it was really easy. I cant wait for the film got my tickets and i am rewatching episode one n two again just so i know whats goin on in the new one