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11-05-05, 02:16
I have to go in and fight the ticket I got - I was turning at an intersection when a propane truck ran the stop sign and hit me. However, the propane truck driver both moved the evidence before the police got there, and he happened to be friends with the police officer. So I got the blame.

I'm so nervous I've been nauseous all day.

11-05-05, 02:21

Are you ok? That sort of thing burns my butt http://instagiber.net/smiliesdotcom/cwm/3dlil/mad.gif
Good luck http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

11-05-05, 02:56
Yeah - it sprained my wrist but it healed by now.

It really burns my toast.

The fact is, it's me - a teenage girl that was dressed goth at the time - against a male middle aged commercial truck driver - mucho bias.

11-05-05, 03:36
Might have to go postal on them. What did they move?

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11-05-05, 12:02
Good luck speed freak. ;)

11-05-05, 13:30
I have to go in next wendesday for a speeding ticket I was accused of deserving.

11-05-05, 13:37
Good luck in court, then.

11-05-05, 14:39
Good Luck!

11-05-05, 14:56
Good luck! I'd probably go insane if that happened to me, I have a thing about people like that. I hope that driver gets what he deserved.

11-05-05, 16:23
Em...what evidence could he have moved?

11-05-05, 19:16
Good Luck ;)

11-05-05, 19:28
I'm a natural speed demon on the road but I haven't been caught yet. ;) Go figure that guy is friends with a policeman. Not fair at all that he accused you. Take it easy.

11-05-05, 19:59
Good luck!
Just don't dress 'goth' - you lose so much respect in society these days for how you look.

11-05-05, 20:15
good luck!well this could happens all over the world!the same everywhere!

11-05-05, 22:32

I lost.

This means I have to go back for a jury trial June 15th. Aargh! even though the other driver was on my side of the road, ran through the stop sign in a school zone pedestrian walkway, and moved his truck and told me to move mine (I did what he told me because he was a middle-aged commercial truck driver and assumed he knew what he was doing) they told me it was my fault because I swerved to avoid the accident. If I hadn't swerved and just let him hit me, it wouldn't have been my fault. So I guess my choice not to die in a firey gas truck explosion was the incorrect choice.

The evidence that he moved was all the debris that fell off my truck - blinker lens, fender, etc. He moved it after both trucks had been moved, and he put it all on his side of the road to make it look like I had hit him about four inches away from the curb.

I have lost all faith in the justice system.

11-05-05, 23:06
I'm really sorry to hear you lost that one. It's always younger folk who get the sharp end of the stick. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/c-1.gif

12-05-05, 08:48
Really sorry to hear that, that sucks.

Just call him a ****** in court in front of everyone and say god really nows what happened. Walk out and pay the bill, everyone there at the time will then now hes lying. So you came off better, but out of pocket.