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tlr online
11-05-05, 16:06
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[ May 11th 2005 ]

Campaigners fighting to save an early nineteenth century Scottish castle have been appeased by the launch of a feasibility study funded by a preservation trust, according to the BBC. Gwrych Castle in Abergele has been in a state of disrepair since being purchased in 1999 by a U.S. businessman. The trust hopes to persuade Conwy council to purchase the ruins and restore the castle to its former glory.

Assembled at the turn of the century, Gwrych Castle served as a training ground for boxer Randolph Turpin and also provided the backdrop to the 1996 film Prince Valiant, starring Edward Fox and Joanna Lumley, reports BBC.

"It's such a fascinating building," said Mr Baker, secretary of the preservation trust. "Architecturally, it's nationally important and for so long it has been ignored and dismissed as a folly. The problem is we don't know how structurally safe it is, but hopefully it can be rescued."

Conwy council said that all approaches from the preservation trust would be considered.

tlr online
11-05-05, 16:37
OMG!!! I've just published that on Google News, but the castle is in WALES, NOT SCOTLAND!!!

I've just had a ton of emails from irate Welsh readers.


11-05-05, 16:40
Oh dear. oh dear.
NOW you're going to get campaigners!
Good luck! ;)

11-05-05, 18:14
Tut tut TLR - I forgive you :D