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Smith will Suffice
12-05-05, 04:16
to all the fans out there, here are some production pics and publicity photos:

Episode 3 pictures (http://media.filmforce.ign.com/media/150/150899/imgs_1.html)


12-05-05, 04:38
Im holding out for a box set of DVDs and then watch the whole lot in the correct order.
Numerically, what order do they go in?

12-05-05, 04:57
4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3 http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif
That said you can watch 1-3 and 4-6 without really spoiling much of the story of either.. they're like differnt books.

Something I'd suggest is getting the 'Jedi Academy' Trilogy by Kevin j. Anderson. It is FAR better than any of the films, and follows more closely what happens 6 years after the films in the new Republic. As well as the original Sith Master Xzar Kun. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Shadows of the Empire is also very good, it's set between Movies 5-6.. you meet mostly new characters and it covers Luke's frustration to becomming a Jedi Master. Maybe I just liked Xizor though heh.

12-05-05, 05:24
Thanx Raven. That makes sense, original 3 and then the three prequels.
I'll keep an eye out for the others.

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12-05-05, 14:33
Dont like star wars, but i did watch the last one it was funny.

12-05-05, 17:08
Oh.. yeah that reminds me. For those who aren't fans, this episode is a landmark episode.

Not because it completes the work Lucas started in 1978, but because this one helps everything else make.. sense.

For some background:
1,000 years before Anakin, the Jedi were waging a war amongst themselves.

It was a war between those, who fought to to live freely with the normals.. and those who fought so that they could rule over normals taking thier place as the evolved and dominant of the galaxy.

Then along came a great leader, Xzar Kun. He enslaved the Mesino people, using his Jedi abilities to warp thier minds. On that planet he forced them to create giant stone temples, the temples were designed to enhance the abilities of all of his students and followers no matter where they were in the Galaxy.

He created the dark arts of the Sith. Allowing ordinary Jedi to tap in to a well of power from every other Sith...

He was eventually defeated, but due to the power of the Sith he didn't depart for the Valley of the Jedi. Instead he was infused in the temple where he was cut-down.

As a result, anyone who follows the Sith ways can link to his power. While the Sith did fight for many years afterwards, without Xzar Kun they just were unable to defeat the Jedi as they became too unfocused.

The Jedi can all sense each other, and in order to mask thier ways.. it was deemed that only 2 Sith would ever exist to pass on the ways.

An Apprentise and a Master. Both the Leader of the Jedi and of the Sith forsaw the future, there will exist a Jedi who's link with the force would be stronger than even the strongest of all the Jedi Masters.

Neither could see if this one, would become a Jedi, or a Sith. All they knew was that this one would end the conflict and unite all of the Jedi.

If we fast forward from the prophecy to episode 1 time... and it is believed that Anakin is the one. His ties with the force are beyond anything measured before. But the council were worried, probably afraid; as his future couldn't be seen.

They knew he would become the greatest of the Jedi, and yes he could be the one. Yet still the fact his path wasn't clear, made them worry. Rather than take the chance they were willing to cast him out. As we know though Obi Wan takes him on as his apprentise to honour his masters last wishes.

As we go through the story, we find Anakin falling secretly in love with Amidala Padmé.. as a teenager his defeat by Count Dooku, makes him question his abilities. Particularly as he is worried for Padmé's safety.

Going into the third episode, and Anakin is assigned to keep an eye on Counciller Palpatine as the council suspect him as being a traitor. They are however unaware he is the Sith Master.
Padmé becomes pregnant, but the doctors say that she will die during birth.. and there is nothing they can do.

The frustration that he has all this power, but none of it can save the girl he loves... as well as the fact the council still do not trust him, burns him.

Palpatine sways Anakin, telling him that the Sith teaching could give him the power to save Padmé.. and while he is teaching him, Palpatine pats his ego, by having Anakin sit on the council in his place. Only for the Council to tell him they will not grant him the Master Rank he believes he deserves.

Every step Anakin is told, he is not ready, or he isn't powerful enough... pushes him further making him rely on the dark-side until it takes control.

I'm not sure of the complete ins/outs, the stuff about episode 3 is from what the trailer says and the rumours over the years.

It all colminates to the fight over the volcano (which has changed to some processing factory on a vulcanic planet apparently) where Anakin falls in.. and that is when Vader is created.

The other episodes are already out, and you can see for yourself what happens in them; but they are worth watching to understand how Luke becomes the 'One' they were talking about. He is pushed to the dark-side but comes back to create a new form of Jedi.

A more... honourable and balanced Jedi. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif
Most people keep saying they don't like Star Wars because it's just all this futuristic ****, but when you actually watch the story itself; it actually plays out like a Samuri movie.

Not sure if that's any better for some people, but this last episode stands to being one of the most in-depth showing the facets of the characters rather than some Disney 'everything is fine' overview style.

12-05-05, 18:05
Looks cool http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

13-05-05, 01:23
wow, Xzar-Kun, there's a name i havent heard for ages, if i remember my Star Wars Mythology well, he was the only sith to wield a blue Lightsabre, and he was so good with his abillities with a sabre, he used to use two at a time (both blue) and when it came to the Jedi taking him down, he killed at least 12 before they managed to defeat him (they all attacked him at once)
In the duel scene in Episode II Anakin wields two sabres in an almost identical fashion to Kun (i read the graphic novels rather than the books)its funny to notice the Kun and Skywalker went down almost identical paths into the world of the Sith
on another note, i heard they will be doing a few spin-off's for TV and there are rumours flying round about Lucas doing parts VII, VIII and IX (it was originally a nine part series..even thiugh he denies it now) with Mark Hamill and Co...It'd be fun to see what they'd do with the Mara Jade story...oh well, ive babbled on enough...

13-05-05, 10:19
yeah I've heard about the 7,8,9 Episode rumours.. Mark Hamill has debunked them each time, in his typical fashion.

Last time was late 2004 when he was on some Aussie interview and was like 'well if he has them in production he forgot to inform me' http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Honestly I hated what the fans did with Mara Jade. I have still yet to read the infamous book where her and luke marry, and well I've sworn off all books past the Jedi Academy trilogy because of this fact.

Seriously, I've often thought Luke was gay.. or at the least he was one of those guys who never really had much interest in women.

I think it's why he turned from the Darkside.
What I don't get is the Jedi teachings clearly dictact that they are not to become involved with anyone. A very weird rule, not doubt to stop them from having attachments and becoming bias. You look at what happens to Anakin you can understand why too. Still I dunno it just seems wrong..