View Full Version : I'm Going To Buy Wrestlmania 21!

Taker Fan
13-05-05, 00:24
Well actually my dad is going to buy it. But anyways, Undertaker wins his 13-0 match!

13-05-05, 01:27
your not the only one who's gonna buy WM21
i own the other 20 so why not(and i dont wanna brag BUT..i got all PPV's from the middle of 2000...pretty sad really huh?) and i got a few others from before then (summerslam 93' at wembley etc) ah well...

Taker Fan
13-05-05, 01:38
Summerslam! 1993! The Undertaker is in that one, right?

13-05-05, 01:54
yeah (cant remember his opponent though...i think it was the Giant Gonzales, been years since i watched it) but the Taker was the franchise back then, he's who everybody went to see! nowadays everybody knows he's getting too old to wrestle, and he's out of character so people dont care about him like they used to, it's pretty sad really...jsut imagine the reaction he'll get when he goes into the hall of fame though (along with his WM record!)

Taker Fan
13-05-05, 11:27
But, I don't see him on Smackdown anymore. I'm going to cry really badly!

13-05-05, 11:40
Yea he only does like PPV's now doesn't he? I kno I'm gonna probably get kicked for this but I don't really like the undertaker much *flinches* I mean he's a really good wrestler but his entrances annoy the sheep outta me. Wait a second..........that's only one thing!! Well I guess he's alright then http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

But yea One of my friends and I didn't get to watch Wrestlmania 21 on foxtel cuz her mother wouldn't let her purchase it so we are eagerly going to snatch it up as soon as we can http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif