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13-05-05, 08:07
I'm not sure if anyone knows,but there is an X-Box2 review on Australian TV Tonight at 7.00pm AEST.I have been ill the past few days,so if there has already been info released post could a Mod close the thread. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

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tlr online
13-05-05, 08:13
Supposed to be on MTV today too. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

13-05-05, 08:16
Thanx tlr online

13-05-05, 08:49
Don't forget to share the info with the poor aerial viewers. :D

13-05-05, 09:27
$600Aus,Totally Wireless,Availible in Aus 2006.
The graphics look amazing!Live video chat with love ones,Sounds bloody brilliant!.
I wonder if PS3 will even come close?

13-05-05, 10:04

Looking at the specifications though, quite frankly I'm baffled to what the hell some of them mean.

(they have the official specs on the xbox website now)

I mean the Processor, is technically achieving 200MHz faster than what is physically possible from the PPC 940 design it's based on.
(not to mention I'd hate to see someones electricty bill after using this machine for more than an hour)

I'm not even going to get started on the issues I have with the Shader Unit description. It sounds really impressive; but the reality is they're throwing a number out ther (48-Way) and people are going to take it that it means 48 Pixel Pipelines... but that just isn't true.

:: sighs :: typical marketing

13-05-05, 17:13
Hey raven, is the developer's kit round? I remember you saying the actual console was closer to a xbox 360 fake image that was round.

Anyway, the xbox MTV spoof was a big pile of turd.

13-05-05, 17:33
I dont know, i hope PS3 kicks Xbox ass again. I mean with IBM and Sonys joint Cell Processor you really dont know until they are in action. I just hate Micro$oft. There gold diggers, far beyond believe.

Or should i say GOD diggers. C'mon SONY dont let Micro$oft try dominate the Conole genre also. PUT THEM IN THERE PLACE PLEASE. You can do it you little Japanese people. COOOOOOOOMONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

14-05-05, 08:18
the xbox2 looks really sleek and sexy. The way it was designed is awesome. the name i`m not too keen on. I cant wait for E3 next week( i think its next week) where the ps3, xbox2 and revolution consoles are revealed. The ps3 has a lot to compare with. But what i`ve heard is sony have got this new device called blueray(i think its that) and that you will have to buy special dvds apparently to play. The new gamecube has online functions but you can only add people who you know in real life apparently the way it works is you havea code and they have a code and you swap codes and add each other. It sounds pretty rubbish but because the gamecube is targeted at young people it has to be safe. The mtv showing of teh xbox2 was pants it was all hyped up and it was a big let down. Me personally i prefer sony , but my bf prefers microsoft, and i hope to god sony completey thrash microsoft.

14-05-05, 09:12
I will still wait for PS3. Xbox 360 looks impressive, but I have always had a Sony machine and they tend to always attract the better games.

14-05-05, 19:51
yeah the developer one is slightly different in design... that said the internal specs are also very different.

That said they're similar size. I'm quite amazed by this new design, and I think it will do what they want.. tap the Japanese market.

With the customisable front (and the rest from what I saw in the videos from fileplanet) looks like it'll be the nokia evo all over again.
I hate those phones SOOO much, but everyone loves being able to change the front of them to personalise them.

I'm not sure about the OS though.. Xenon doesn't look like it's evolved much, even in the video they mention you need to go to the menu to access the games.

While this is the first available tab-screen on the developer edition, if they've taken away Auto-Load from the final console.. well this will be quite off-putting.

Graphics-wise the X-Box 360 is going to be tough to beat, given the GPUs are designed very differently it is going to be very hard to tell.

On the one hand you have the 16Pipeline 3Core R520 in the X-Box 360. Which means 48 shaders at once, being processed. (but only 16 Shader Operations at any one time)

On the other hand you have the 24x4 pipeline SuperScaler NV50 in the PS3. Which means 4 Shaders with 24 Shader Operations at one time.

Processing wise.. the X-Box 360 favours large numbers of simple shaders, but anything complex will kill it. PS3 however is capable of performing hugely complex shader operations.

I think what we'll see are games realism based around this.

For example Half-Life 2 with it's huge number of simple linked shaders would be quicker on the X-Box 360.

Far Cry on the other hand would be better suited to the PS3.

I know not good examples given both consoles will be running these games with true ease.. but just for arguments sake ^_^

Personally... I have to buy the 360. Sorry but Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo; Without a doubt my MUST HAVE games.

Sony have yet to announce thier line up, which does make you wonder a bit. The PS2 line up was weak, most of them seemed like PS1 rejections with better graphics.

Microsoft have created one hell of a line up, completely on display for everyone to see. It is going to be tough to beat that without relying on the old games.

15-05-05, 12:41
but perfcet dark doesnt actually look that good, the only reason i would buy an xbox 360 is becasue of PGR2 and Burnout4 thats it and mayb a couple of games for the future.

15-05-05, 13:49
i love the new Nokia N91. I am trying to sell my Nokia 7610 not to buy that one. Its basically a mini iPod with 4GIG of space on your phone for MP3's. Shocking.

15-05-05, 13:51
Originally posted by emmarosecroft:
but perfcet dark doesnt actually look that good, the only reason i would buy an xbox 360 is becasue of PGR2 and Burnout4 thats it and mayb a couple of games for the future. How would you know, when there has been no public released images of it?

The only available image right now is the Promo Artwork created.. How the hell can you possibly know what the game looks like from that?