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tlr online
13-05-05, 12:31
The Mozilla Foundation's Firefox web browser has made security a major part of its marketing, but a spate of vulnerabilities found over the last nine months had sullied that message.

In the latest incident, a 16-year-old security researcher - who asked only to be identified by his first name, Paul - found three vulnerabilities in the Firefox browser that together could be exploited to run arbitrary code. The incident is the latest black eye for the open-source software project's security image. While vulnerability researchers frequently flogged Microsoft for the number of security holes found in its Internet Explorer browser, now flaw finders are pinpointing more security holes in Firefox and, in many cases, using the same techniques.

"Much of what we learned security-wise from Internet Explorer is being applied to Firefox to find vulnerabilities," said Paul in an email interview. For example, Internet Explorer had its own Javascript flaw that allowed one page to execute scripts by navigating to another page that had higher privileges, he said. "That is one of the vulnerabilities used in this exploit."

FULL ARTICLE (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/05/13/firefox_loses_shine/)

13-05-05, 13:53
At least it's not the supercool fighter that reads your mind (sort of). http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif


13-05-05, 15:23
Ha ha, oh no i loved firefox, maybe IE7 should hurry then i love my tabbed browsing and the cute firefox icon :(

13-05-05, 15:29
Abstract PC Theme for firefox is cool :cool:

13-05-05, 15:42
Is anyone really surprised?

13-05-05, 16:36
Shocked! :D
You know, while this was really to be expected.. what actually has me surprised is that most of the issues being found are being done so through old Explorer issues.

To me it simply justifies my original thought that they figured because of how it was being created ment it was more secure than Microsofts'

They should just be glad that currently they don't have the user-base to warrent people taking advantage of the insecurities, but with it growing each day they're going to learn some lessons the hard way.

13-05-05, 16:44
I need to link this article to a friend of mine right now. :D

13-05-05, 17:49
Originally posted by Draco:
Is anyone really surprised? Actually no, the more popular it becomes the mroe it becomes a target.

Its like Linux at the minute thers not a huge amount of threat because its not as widespread as Windows. But having said that, Linux is open source code so more people can see it. i personally think its sad people have nothing else to do in there lifes then do this. How sad they must be!

13-05-05, 20:23
As long as I've got good enough security and cleaning programs I'll be fine. There's definately no way I'm going back to Internet Explorer. It's too popular... Maybe I'll try Opera Browser.

14-05-05, 07:41
True Sparky.. right now the *nix based Operating Systems as far as everyday users are conserned is safer. This is purely due to the fact it isn't popular enough to be targeted.

Safest *nix OS right now is MacOSX, but even they've had some virus scares in the past few months.

There is a current argument about Windows being less Secure as a Server solution, hense why so many companies side with using Linux over Windows Server. Thing is it just isn't true, yet when Microsoft had an independant body research and check facts, so many were quick to jump all over them for it.

When you think about it, as FireFox grows in popularity we'll no doubt see a repeat of the Browser Wars we saw back in the mid-90s.

Netscape lost back then, I don't see why this 'Netscape v2' will prove it can be any different.